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Hi, I normally don't post a lot just lurk but I do have a question for you. The other day a letter arrived addressed to my 12YO DD from the military hospital, it was about getting the HPV vaccine. I was really upset that it was to her and not me (maybe the to the parent of somehow was missing) Anyways I myself have HPV from some very unwise decisions when I was younger. My DD is nothing like I was and I would like to say I am a much more involved parent than my mom...
It is time...... I need to start potty training and was hoping that someone could recommend good training pants, i bought some gerber but boy those have sure gone downhill since the last time i used them 8 years ago for DS. Are Hanna's good? DD is skinny if that matters. Also if you suggest a brand please tell me where to buy them and if you know of a discount Thank you so much Corina
My DD is going through a temper tantrum stage too, she won't be 18 monthws until the 23rd, time flies! I am trying to ignore the fits (she flops on the floor) but the new screaming for what she wants is driving me insane! Beside the fits it really is a great age, she changes so much every day! The other day she finally learned to drink out of a straw, its so darn cute.
Thank you everyone for the wonderful list of books! I am adding some to my library list now!!!
Since babysitting is expensive and you still need "date time" and entertainment I suggest belonging to something like netflix etc, then you also don't get late fees. We used to share the cost with our neighbors and just share the movies. Saves you babysitting cost, cost of movie etc. Also the library is pretty much the only way I get books now. I used to do half.com etc but free is better!
Wow, that does seem to be early, maybe its just a stage, when he hits another growth spurt he will probably need them again. I am not looking forward to no nap days. It killed me when DD all the sudden went from 2 naps to 1. Not that I don't adore the time with her, but the dishes and laundry have to get done sometime!
I always see the other threads for birth months listed but have never come across the Oct 04 one! I know I'm not the only one with a crazy 17 month old!
Thanks for the recomendation! I went to add it to my library list and its not in the system!!!! Is it new?
My husband was out of state on time when he called to buy tix for a show and got right through and got incredible seats. He was told it was because he called from an out of state line. Not sure if it is still true or not, never could really figure out how it worked but it was a score!
Quote: Originally Posted by nonconformnmom Have you read any Jodi Picoult? I love her book My Sister's Keeper. All her books that I've read are good. Also, are you familiar with Story Code? It's an online database that can match up new books you might like based on books you've read and enjoyed. Happy reading. Thank you so much for the link!!!! I had never heard of it! Off to it right now
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