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Thanks . I will check into covers. I never realized that there were so many options.....I have never had to pay any attention before, since there are no allergies in my family ...there are tons of allergies and asthma on her dads side though...off to look for stuff to help...thanks again!
I am not in your ddc, but I had to stop in and say CONGRATS...I have a Malcolm too..it is such a lovely name. You don't hear it too often, so it caught my eye in new posts . Congratulations!
So probably not the down comforter then? I am actually hoping it isn't...since she LOVES it...I guess it could have dust mites in it though?
Quote: Originally Posted by changingseasons HEPA filters and/or dehumidifiers should help with mold. I will check into that too! Thanks!!
Thank you for your reply! That information is very helpful! There is lots of mold in our climate too, I am afraid! I will see what I can do about the potential dust mites..she does have the only bedroom with carpeting! I will try and switch her to another room and see if that helps. She also has the oldest mattress--hmm... Thank you!!!
Hi, I have never posted here--so I hope I am in the right place. My 9 year old dd has been coughing pretty much all winter for the past several years....and up until yesterday I just put it off as her being really succeptible to coughs and getting sick a lot (no one else in the house gets sick even close to as often as she does!)--but yesterday I just thought, maybe this could be an allergy to something? It never happens in the summer and it JUST started again last week...
I work 20 hours a week in social work-foster care, for a non profit. I open licenses for new foster homes. I get a little over $500 every two weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by KyleAnn What a wonderful link!!! I think the "Gifts That Give More" would make lovely Christmas gifts for friends and family. I agree. I would LOVE to get everyone on our list gifts from this category...now to convince my husband....wish me luck!
Oh I just LOVE her. I am not familiar with the film though. I will google. :
I agree with the advice to only stop when babe needs to if at all possible. We took several trips 4 hours away when my newest one was between about 2 and 4 months and it was a lot easier than it is now that she is a year...though, it is still fairly easy most of the time. When she was that age she would sleep for a long time in the car--more than she would at home! Once or twice she ended up sleeping the entire way--even through a stop for gas and potty for the bigger...
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