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Quote: Originally Posted by StrongFeather I have 3 weeks to submit a name to my MW. Just tell your MW you haven't chosen one yet or are not sure you even want one...I mean what's she gonna do?
We were renting in Cambridge, but ended up having to buy out in Framingham to afford a house with a decent yard under $300K. We really love it here. We looked in Arlington because we loved it there, but there was nothing in our price range that wasn't a dump. As for Melrose, I nannied for a boy who went through public school there (even though his parents could have afforded private school). Structurally the school building really needed some attention, but the...
Welcome to the area! We use the Framingham office of Southborough Pediatrics. As for playgroups, you can post here about any potential get togethers. I'd love to meet up with people at the Fay ppark in Southborough, just off rt.9 some time, cute fenced toddler playground, views of the reservoir, covered picnic area. - Krista
I've only birthed at home, but for gyn care and nausea meds during pregnancy, Colleen Ryfa was fantastic. Very accepting of my decision to birth at home, to decline other testing, and very sympathetic to my severe nausea but unwillingness to take anything non-veg, so she sat down with a drug book and we paged through ingredients until we found what I could use. She never made me feel rushed or that my questions were not important.
Yep, no need for any forms. Just write a letter, sign it, and include in your child's school paperwork. We've done it with our 3 boys no questions asked.
Need directions? 492 Potter Rd. I've lost my cell, so that's that!
Weather's looking great right now!
Sounds good.
I'll think about indoor venues...our house is quite disastrous, husband is away right now. Not that it matters! We could do tomorrow (sat.) and if the rain wrecks it try for sunday, and then if the rain wrecks that go with something indoors sunday instead.
I'm cool with wherever, either day. As for sheltered picnic spots...there is a nice playground in Southborough just off rt.9 on Central St. I believe that has a covered picnic table area, next to the reservoir, very nice. And there is another one, the Potter Road School playground a mile from our house that has a pretty large covered area (we had Ryan's 4th bday party there actually) and the playground is lots of fun. Neither have bathrooms though...not that my 3 boys...
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