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Yes.   I have 4 children 10,8,6 and 1.  Two boys and two girls, and I would love two more, but sadly DH is done.  He only wanted 2 and I got 4, so I think I have come out on top.   I will never stop wanting children.
6 months or later for us, but again it is up to the individual.  As long as BM or ABM is not replaced but the introduction to solids.
A friend of mine recently had her baby at 44+4. She was perfectly healthy and so was bub. I would have a check done after 42w, but as long as you feel fine, I think the EDD is a really rough estimate...
I just wanted to let you know that it is pretty common to feel that way. I remember the night I went into labor with DS#2, and I had never left DS#1 overnight. I went into his cot, where he was sleeping so peacefully, and I just stood there and cried. I cried all the way to the hospital, and right into delivery. Once DS#2 arrived, and I fell in love straight away, I finally realised that I did have enough love for two children, and that DS#1 was going to have so...
Team Green here, only because baby wouldn't co-operate...
I am another, late June, anterior placenta, and very little movement. I am not too concerned, I am also "fluffy", so that isn't helping. Still, I am looking forward to the more obvious kicks that I always enjoy.
I am the same. 4th pregnancy and when they started I was shocked. Hard tummy is very difficult to sleep on.
DDC I am 16 weeks in my 4th pregnancy, and I haven't felt any movement yet. I am much fluffier than in previous pregnancies, and I have an Anterior placenta, so I am guessing that is why. Hope you feel some movement soon, and I hope I do too!!!
I am so sorry for your loss. Best wishes.
I announced on the 28th December with (name); is one trimester down.....and looking forward to the New Year... Everyone got it straight away, and it was fun to finally let everyone know.
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