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Thank you!!! I will check out both
Hi All! We need to park at LAX and saw that Parking Lot C is now $12 a day. There are so many other parking options online. Where do YOU park??? TIA!
Hi Arizona! During Thanksgiving week we will be visitng the Grand Canyon for a couple days. I was thinking of then visiting either Sedona or Phoenix area before heading home. My kids like to see Indian ruins and historic stuff. Where should we go? We will be staying 2 nights doing the Grand Canyon train adventure and then would like to spend 2 nights somewhere else. Sedona? Phoenix? Any tips would be great! And hotel recommendations are also...
Nevermind!! Just found it
I'm wondering if any of you can help me. A couple months ago we received a thank you note after a relative's funeral. It is beautiful poem thanking everyone for their support. I can't remember how it went but it was something like this: Maybe you sent flowers to the cemetary, maybe you were a shoulder to cry on, maybe you said a prayer, and it went on for several verses. It was such a wonderful poem and a great way to express gratitude for...
I've taken all my children to several funerals. But I think every family is different and has different "rules". I think my kids have a healthy attitude towards death and have learned a great deal being part of the whole process. However, if they were disruptive during any of the services I would leave immediately. We just went to a funeral on Thursday and my boys asked lots of questions and showed a great deal of empathy towards our grieving family. And then they...
I second Averlee's suggestion!! When I read about that a couple years ago, it was too late for my kids. But it would have been a great solution! I could picture my older one getting a kick out of hanging out in the playpen or barricaded area.
I agree that its a good price for what you get, especially since it includes all the "inserts". I wish I could actually see one in person. I've been doing more craft stuff for my kids' classes, sports, etc and can totally picture organizing it all inside that cabinet!! Right now everything is in tubs and it isn't very easily accessible. What I like most about the cabinet is how there are sooo many compartments. One of my biggest issues is trying to sort and figure out...
I don't scrapbook but I could definitely use it for all of my craft stuff/paper/ribbon, etc. Whoever designed this was quite clever!!
I found this while looking up craft room organizing. http://theoriginalscrapbox.com/ I love it! But, wow, its pricey! Does anybody have something similar that they like?
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