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That one is so cute, alisaterry!
Here's the wikipedia article about Eenie meenie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eenie_Meenie It appears to have originated many years before and was not originally racist at all. But I still would not use it today as it now has racist tones. There's an interesting part in the article about a Southwest Airlines lawsuit.
The article says her playful daughter pulled down her top, but Coco looks like she was crying to me. When my dd's have cried they always tried to get to the boob.
Wow. I guess he doesn't have kids of his own or he would understand. Your DH needs to talk to him. He should never have told him what you said.
I thought you looked about 16 in the first one, and 13 in the second. You'll be happy later that you look younger than your age!
I'd rather my baby receive one accidental bottle of powdered formula than one accidental bottle of breastmilk from an unknown source. Many canned foods can also carry the things you mentioned.
Sorry, but I think that was a serious offense. I personally might have given your friend a warning, but I'm not surprised she got fired. I would allow my child to be given breastmilk from someone I knew, but not a stranger. This is no different, and my dh and I would be livid had it happened to our child. And I can't believe people are saying this is all because it's breastmilk. Um, yeah... because formula, gross as it is, doesn't carry hepatitis and HIV.
Wow, I would have loved to witness that!
Wow, it never even occurred to me that it might be "A Bi Mommy"!
Everything you have said about him is so ridiculous! Why can't he live out of a suitcase??? Taking your children out of their beds (and a sound sleep) for walks??? Without telling you? I'm not even going to go into leaving your child alone so he could hit the other one for spilling water. I would not allow this man to ruin one more minute of my life. But if he does end up coming, either padlock the front and back doors with a key only you and DH have, put your kids to...
New Posts  All Forums: