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It looks like we'll be moving this summer. We live in the Bay Area and have a really active homeschooling community.  Anyone know of any groups in Santa Barbara County?
For my 5 lb preterm baby I used a Moby a lot and a sling much less. If I remember correctly, the danger with a preemie in a sling is that the baby's head and neck with make a sort of C shape and the baby won't be able to breathe but won't be strong enough to get out of that position either. I always had a hand in the sling to make sure the baby was breathing. I didn't feel like it was super useful.  I wasn't able to use the Ergo for months, though. I also felt like it was...
I have a fifth grader who is very extraverted and we homeschool. I am very introverted and one thing I wish I had done earlier is just tell her that I need time to myself. When I try to do social activity after social activity I just get completely worn out. I just started explaining the differences in her personality a couple years back but I think she would have understood it much earlier.  
LOL. I looked at the date and realized that my oldest daughter was a newborn when this thread started.  Funny to think of. 
My daughter really likes "The Care and Keeping of You."  My daughter read it for the first time last fall when she was nine.
Hmm. About 9-10 hours a day.
We've always talked about the Spirit of Santa in our house.  My oldest dd, also a 10 year old 5th grader, still "believes" but it is decision she has made. She has also helped me pick out gifts that Santa or the Halloween Fairy give her little sister and we both agree that Santa or the fairies need help and helping is a good thing.  We do homeschool, though, and a handful of her friends are big believers.
That is so unbelievably ugly. I'm sorry for you, your kids who had to hear this and, most of all, for that poor little girl.
The hiding the leotard would really bother me. My 10-year-old hasn't done anything quite like this but if she did I would talk to her about our relationship and how important honesty is. I agree with you and your therapist--another month and a half of class is totally doable. Money is pretty tight for our family so both girls, even the four-year-old, understand that if we spend money for an activity and the equipment/attire, then they have to stick it out. I would make...
My daughter is ten and her friend, 11, just started a My Little Pony club. They also play with American Girl.  I also love it.
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