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We know a couple kids who NEVER have sugar. Maybe the cupcake/cake thing is just who we hang around. But, like I said, it's all of our different friends. Homeschooling, unschooling, really religious, not religious, girl scouts....it seems like the new norm.
You know what's wierd to me? No, you do not but I will tell you. Here, it does not matter which group of people--mainstream girl scouts, one semi-crunchy homeschooling group, other reallllllly crunchy homeschooling group--all the kids have two cupcakes or two pieces of cakes. At every.single.party. I wouldn't actually mind if we didn't go to so many activities that had birthday cupcakes. It started to be twice a week and that's four cupcakes. I also try to walk the line...
No. It's attachment PARENTING not attachment MOTHERING. I didn't get that until I had my second. This time around, dh is way more able to comfort dd2--mostly because I let him.
I don't have twins but saw this in New Posts. I'm definitely looking at it from the outside but maybe that is okay? Because, from the outside, I think you should give yourself a break. You are exhausted from being pregnant with two babies and , of course, you are overwhelmed. It's hard to feel over the moon excited with anticaption when you feel sick and exhausted all the time. It doesn't have anything to do with how much you love your sweet babies or what a great mom...
[QUOTE=velochic;15516450]Because it's my money and I get a little say about what to buy. She is always welcome to use her own money to buy 5 identical dresses if she wants to... which of course she doesn't want to do.[/QUOTE You must not do the hanna play dress/day dress. The whole point is that it's the same comfy quality dress but in a different color every single year in every single size.
We also like Dr. Perlman. We select/delay and she's great about it, with both of my dds. She is also really good with my older dd. She takes time to talk to her even when she's checking out my baby. She's let dd1 listen to the baby's heart. They also always fit us in.
My girls are six years apart. The pregnancies were completely different. I did yoga, swam, and walked with dd1. I was put on complete bedrest from five months on with dd2. (Also, for the first few weeks but those weren't as dramatic.) I didn't get any exercise, my dh had lost his job, I was homeschooling a kindergartner and I kept getting a countdown from my team of doctors on how well dd would do if she were born now--you know, 22 weeks, 24 weeks, etc. It was really...
Quote: Originally Posted by HappiLeigh I was annoyed by my early walker. It was like she didn't have the sense to be mobile, but her little body allowed it anyway! Me too! Both of my girls walked early and it's just hard. Now, at one, the baby can climb anything. But she has no sense at all. I think it's a lot harder once they move.
I think I wouldn't say anything but I wouldn't pay for the adults either. I would just say it's a drop off party. It's a great party theme, by the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marsupialmom Yes, but there are 2 people here, her sister and her mother. My nephew is a month younger than my son. It could have been my son. Oh! I totally missed that! Having a baby fall from a changing table and not babyproofing right away doesn't seem odd. There's no connection. I just thought that the two falls happened really close together to the same mama. That seemed odd. I change my answer then. Also,...
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