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I bled with both of my girls. I mean I BLED. Bright red clots with dd1 and I poured with babydd. With dd2 I actually started telling people that I miscarried because that's what the ER doctor told me was probably happening.
My girls are six years apart and I LOVE it. The baby is just a baby but they already play together. We homeschool so maybe that helps. And the first grader is a total help. I mean that she actually helps me watch the baby, feed the baby, change the baby, dress the baby...she's really, really reliable and in love with her sister. One of my favorite moms has a sibling six years younger and another nine years younger. She is close to both and has wonderful memories of her...
Quote: Originally Posted by Latte Mama Sorry OP, I'd LOVE a deal where my toddler could do crafts with other kids and get messy and I could go off and get some adult time. I'd send him in a paper sack if need be . Echoing the PP's, send him in old gear. I know!! This sounds like the best deal EVER. How about hitting a thrift store? Get a few outfits only for this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smocked Here are the dresses: Plaza Piazza: http://www.hannaandersson.com/ima...60_990.jpg Loves to Twirl in this pink and in pear green: http://www.hannaandersson.com/ima...27_P24.jpg Pretty Polo: http://www.hannaandersson.com/ima...04_Z11.jpg http://www.hannaandersson.com/ima...04_4_9.jpg And the same as the Plaza Piazza dress, but made with this fabric: http://www.hannaandersson.com/ima...94_G21.jpg I found...
I am so so sorry. I'm jumping in to say that I lost my first baby at almost the same point and I didn't do what WaitingForKiddos suggested. I just wanted it over. Eight years later I regret it deeply. I imagine that I will my entire life. I hope you do get to get footprints and handprints and see your baby. I wish you peace.
I think you should leave. It doesn't sound like a good school. Your dd shouldn't have to worry about being bitten or hurt by a bunch of rough boys. And the girls should be nice. I pulled my dd out of a school at 4 because she was being bullied. My only regret is that I waited so long. For what it's worth, she's a very very social first grader. She's happy and has tons of friends. She is also very independent now. I decided to stop trying to find a school. I...
I just missed one in a thrift store once. A woman swooped it up for five dollars! My dd found one at a yard sale this summer. She had money from decluttering her room and selling back old toys. It was a pretty good deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach03 Will probably be long, I apologize up front!!! We've started going to church with some friends of ours....we recently moved and have found a church near our home that we like. One of the things that has kept me from going over the past couple years has been the fact that I knew my kids would not take well to being left in the nursery. DS is 4 now and bounds off without a second thought...no problems there. My 17...
My baby is ten months old and Papa wears her while vacuuming now. She's fine now.
I really liked that! Thanks for posting!
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