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I'm sorry. That is one unpleasant family.
I think that you should call your dh and have him take you to the hospital. You have a one year old, right? I just don't think you should spend the day chasing a baby around.
Wow, your mom sounds great. I know she's chomping at the bit for her first over nighter but at least it's because she's so excited about being with her granddaughter. I also think her gift is so sweet--a nearby hotel. She thought of that! Plus, the whole anti-cio is impressive. My baby is five months older than yours and I don't know if I'd leave her yet. I'm just not sure. But, wow, you are lucky to have such a kind mom.
Quote: Originally Posted by chaoticzenmom These friends of yours are really encouraging your growth as a parent! Oh, my word! We have some, um, challenging friends right now. The 8-year-old cries when my dd won't give her her way. The 4-year-old takes toys from my baby and the 4 & 8 year olds freely kick each other. It's been a loooonng week with dh and I figuring out what to do. I am going to say your quote in my head, "These friends...are...
I think I would tell Friend, "My DS is going to be the 'Guest' today. You had your turn yesterday and now it's ds's turn." In the crunchy community we are in, no one does the whole the guest gets to pick thing. I grew up with that and, at first, I told my dd those were the rules in our house. And then I realized that this totally sucked for her. She didn't get to pick at our house and she didn't get to pick when she was the guest. Now the "rule" is that everyone plays...
Also cooked sweet potato--yummy and a nonchoker, totally.
Broccoli is working out great for my baby. She's six months older than yours though. I think she was eating it whole at one. Chick peas are great. If you are worried about choking, hummus is a good take-along. (Obviously not great in the car seat though) I make my own sourdough loaf each day and we all eat a lot of that.
You could stop by lost and found and ask if the attendant turned it in. They document everything. I actually think there's a good chance that owners will get their money back.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdnaMarie Hm. From my perspective, unless you are planning to homeschool and choose your child's friends, this is about to become a non-issue. Because she will meet other people with those toys / movies and she WILL incorporate them into her lexicon. That said, I agree that your mom knew just what she was doing. And my opinion is that an involved, loving grandparent has the right to share a special memory with a...
I don't think that's the silent treatment. I think of the ST as an actual punishment, like shunning. Yes, that's cruel. But what you did is different. You were done with the conversation. I've done that with adults, too. It's called saving my sanity.
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