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What a pretty baby!
She couldn't see me. She and her Papa are reading a book. I snuck the cookies. She didn't actually want the tea. I didn't have scones and devonshire and jam. Just tea next to me. Cookies were hidden in my purse. DD has been laughing hysterically--and yet, completely safely while her Papa reads her a story. I was just being silly. I just like CALLING it a cream tea.MAkes me feel happier. Also, I'm being sneaky not mean. She really did not suspect. There was a post a...
I have no good advice. I didn't want to read and not post. You dd's bf sounds like a jerk. I'm sorry for both you and your dd.
Luckily I HAD to spare her so I NEEDED to eat all the Oreos myself.
mumkimum--AND the "individual" package says SIX Oreos are one serving! How great is that! Is the pinata candy good? Or just the cheap stuff? (If it's the cheap stuff, I say you head to the corner store and join me in my evil doing.)
No, but there is sugar. And she really can't have sugar. I actually meant for this to be a silly thread but I do know they are vegan.
My first baby was stillborn and there is a little tiny part of me that lives in fear that my beautiful dd will be taken from me too.:
My dd is on a very restricted diet for three months now. No dairy, no sugar, and very little wheat. I was doing it with her, but having a small ammount of dairy, but last week I fell off the wagon. No, I did not just fall off, I jumped and hit the ground skidding. I went on a walk by myself, dh and dd opted to stay home and play, and stopped at the corner store, bought an individual-size package of Oreos, and, along with a cream tea, that is going to be my dinner. My dd...
I love three! I really do! (But I'm one of those people who think it gets better every year!) Happy birthday to your little one!
The dr. telling you it was triplets! You X throwing up!
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