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While there are old threads on treating strep naturally it doesn't work in every case. As you said, it works best when starting immediately. Even then, it doesn't always work. Treating strep naturally is definitely a good idea but if it begins to progress rapidly or become severe it is time to seriously consider abx. However, even when they are warranted, using other methods to heal the body are a good idea. I have battled chronic strep/scarlet fever for many years. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by KatWrangler Try this. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32598666/ns/dateline_nbc/ I found that one earlier but can't see where you can watch the actual interview. It seems to just have "web exclusive material." Am I missing sometihng? (Which I very well could be because I can miss the obvious sometimes).
Does anyone have any links to either the interview w/ Wakefield or the Today show portion? I thought I was dvr'ing the interview last night but it was just Dateline NBC. I can't find anything on the Today show or NBC sites except links to additional information.
I wish I could have heard that. If anyone hears of a way to hear it again let us know!
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy I liked the Dr Sears book but i know personally he is pretty pro vax my siblings have him as a pediatrician. i think my mom has my siblings vaxed on his delayed schedule if i recall correctly since i try and avoid vax conversations with my mom since she is pro vax and i haven't vaxed my son since he was 4months and he's now almost 3yrs old and hardly sick. My conversations w/ him have been the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama2Jesse Dr. Daniel Chartrand in Allen... well, McKinney, now. We just started seeing him with our son and he is a no-circ, no-vax family's dream. I wish we had known him (if he was there 8 years ago) when we lived in McKinney and had a miserable vaxing experience w/ our ped. Thankfully, I know more now and my kids are better off. It is great to know that there are now several in the North Texas area. There was...
Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I didn't pursue it but I wish I had. I learned from that that anytime we are in a similar situation I will be very diligent about reading all labels and checking everything that is administered to my child (even if it is 2am and I have had no sleep). Thankfully, my son had no apparent adverse reactions and I hope that his strong and healthy system has handled it ok.
When they can prove to me that their evidence that vaccines are safe is based on legitimate, honest, and properly conducted studies I might listen. As long as the pharmaceutical world is producing false information and corrupting their studies they can't convince me. I guess I am just one of those well educated people that have looked beyond what the media is paid to shove down our throats. They are going to have to work a lot harder to change my mind.
While CP is very difficult for adults and can have rare side effects in children is it important to understand the ramifications of giving the vaccine to a child. It isn't as simple as saying that CP as a young adult is a horrible experience therefore vaccinate your kids. There are other ways to approach it and both short and long term ramifications of the vaccine to consider.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeevee3 It can be diagnosed just through an echo, but first check into other things it could be cause the echo can be expensive (unless if you're lucky enough to have good insurance) They may have been looking for other possible things when they did the 24 hour monitor for you bubbles, I dont know. Sounds like you're having palpitations and those can be caused by so many things, including dehydration or hypoglycemia to more...
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