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We have the Graco tandem duoglider when they were infants and have used that stroller pretty much exclusively until they were about 18 months when the kicking and pulling each other's hair began. We know have several side by side strollers/joggers and they do seem to sit much better together. In my experience I have found that there is place for the tandem stroller and for side by side. If you plan on taking your twins out to the mall or small stores the side by side...
I don't have any personal experience as my dd is a thumb sucker. But a close friend of mine just got her dd off the pacifier and she was 3. I believe she stopped replacing pacifiers and weaned her dd to just at night. Then they had the talk about how big girls don't use pacifiers and it's time to put her pacifier in a special place. She then took her dd to build a bear and her dd got to say bye to the pacifier, put the pacifier in the bear. My friend said the first 2...
We had one and used it for my ds and dd in moderation. My ds had a flat spot on the side of his head caused by being right up against his sister and he was a large chunky baby so belly time was hard for him and we needed another way to get him off the flat area. So that's why we went ahead and got the bumbo. All in all it was a good purchase but an expensive one considering it was used at most for 1.5 months.
I think that's great that he can tie. Isn't amazing what kids learn and learn to do well.
I don't have any personal experience with a small car but you can try asking your question here: http://www.windsorpeak.com/dc/dcboar...opics&forum=13 There are a lot of child passenger safety (CPS) technicians that know a lot about installing car seats that might be able to help you.
In my experience the shoo shoos are just like robeez with the thin leather except they run a bit wider so great for kids with wider feet. Robeez use to leave red marks on my ds while the shoo shoos didn't.
Gosh, I need to tell my husband to be more careful as to where he leaves his change. My ds is tall enough now to reach things on the counter and I found him playing with change and he also got into a box of Godiva chocalates...sigh...
Welcome to this site and it is filled with great information. Good Luck on ttc #1, I had a m/c before the twins so I know it's tough.
We are also getting ready to enter the twos and from what I heard from friends is that kids will go through stages and the frustrations is usually because of a lack of communication. I'm looking forward to have two in their tows
You dd is beautiful and the pics of the cake was great!
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