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I started doing the back carry with the mei tai when dd was about 3 months old and I thought I started pretty early. I would just give it a little more time.
I don't usually use Borax to strip and it does just fine. I use super hot water and vinegar.
When I first started using Charlie's I was so impressed with the lack of smelly in the dipes. After washing for a couple weeks I started noticing they smelled pretty foul as soon as she peed. How much are you using per wash?
I have been using a Swaddlebees liner lately and like it much more than the Bummis one I used to have. Although I have just tossed them in the pail with no bag before too. I just didn't want to have to wipe the pail out anymore. One less step, you know?
I started with Allen's and really like it just fine. No rashes or build up, but didn't do much for the stains. I tried Tide since I had a friend that swore by it and dd got a TERRIBLE detergent burn. I felt like such a bad mommy. It definitely brightened up my inserts though! I tried Sun when we went on vacation and I forgot my Allen's. It worked fine with no rashes or build up. I felt like my diapers were not as soft though and it did nothing for stains. I am...
I am doing my LD certification through them. There were way more training opportunities with CAPPA than DONA in my area. That was really my main deciding factor.
I use mostly Fuzzi Bunz, but like Happy Heinys for the prints. My baby is a little too fat for Swaddlebees, but many of my friends with thinner babies really like how trim Swaddlebees are.
I couldn't stop looking at all the carriers either! Too bad I am so far from NYC!
I wish I got paid for all the time I spent online. I would be rich!
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