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I just read one good trick for helping children deal with a fever is take one pair of cotton socks, wet with luke warm water then put a dry wool sock over that so she is wearing one wet cotton sock and one dry wool sock over the top. This is supposed to help dissipate the heat from the fever.
It seems like the stomach flu may be going through our family. So, my question is while the sickness is going on should oI use colloidal silver or oregano oil also.....for preventative measures for the ones who haven't gotten it should I give colloidal silver or oregano oil? We have activated charcoal to take after and ginger tea. Any other suggestions. And for me, brestfeeding, should I take any of these, do you if it is safe during breastfeeding. Thank You
I was going to post a question wondering what the best way nutritionally is to cook bone broth? haha! This info. sure would be helpful.
Ok so I am cooking the chicken today. Two days of defrosting in the refrigerator. Not sure if it is completely defrosted. But if I bake it and then check the temperature with a meat thermometer it should be good, right? Or do you have to have it completely dethawed before baking?
I know this is so basic but I did not grow up eating meat and to me htis is such a complicated scary matter. I sware I htought I poisoned the whole family last night by defrosting sausages in warm water instead of cold. aaaaah too much pressure. Anyways, haha......um I have a frozen chicken in the refrigerator defrosting I put it in the refrigerator yesterday and it is defrosting today and I will take it out and cook it tomorrow. My mother-in-law said she has never...
It also seems to me that protozoan parasites and worm parasites are very different in dealing with. DE can mostly kill and get rid of most worm parasites but it seems much trickier and involved to get rid of protozoans????
Yes, my SigA took a dive from the parasite that we ingested in well water. I have had thisparasite the longest of the whole family so I can see that my intestines have been compromised. My son on the other hand who is 2 and has the parasite but for a shorter amount of time. His SigA is fine. I do not know anywhere near what sbgrace and WuWei know but is it a matter of doing both? Getting rid pf the parasite with whatever it takes while ehaling the gut and making the...
I know. Wish I could just make peace with these little buggers
I aparantly have a leaky gut or at least very compromised intestinal cell walls. I found this out by taking a test for parasites that also analyzed my SigA which is an indicator. Mine was low. So, how will I know if I have healed my leaky gut? I have symptoms from a parasite and I also found out I have hpylauri?, what are the symptoms of a leaky gut? I don't know how to distinguish? How will I know if I am healing this problem?
I'm wondering if any of you had any resolution whether or not it was safe to take it with a leaky gut or at least a compromised possibly permeable intestinal wall?
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