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Wow this was a great thread. I wonder how all of you did on this. I just found out we have parasites but of the protozoan nature and have been wondering if DE can take care of protozoa parasites. Anyone know?
mbravebird, would you mind sharing what you initially used it for?
Try coconut oil. We use it all over our bodies. It helps with bacterial infections of the skin too like psoriasis. I have been told that it is very hypoallergenic. It moisturizes well but on the cheeks out in the cold you may need somehting heavier like Skin Food by Weleda.
Anyone heard of this? I guess its a capsule of fermented fish and other fermented seaweed product that is supposed to heal your gut. What it has been used for is stopping migraines which they claim is from leaky gut while it heals you intestines.
Just wondering if any of you have had experience with it and what you took/take it for and how. We have some protozoan parasites we are trying to get rid of and wondering how effective or helpful this would be to add to our regimen.
Carliegirl, mmmmmmmmmmm
What do you consider your most healthy breakfast and why?
I know you are supposed only drink it up to one month but I didn't realize I had an old bottle in the fridge and I drank from the wrong bottle. ANyone ever do this, I probably opened it 6 months ago.
Both my son and I took a metametrix test of our stool sample because we have been sick with diarrhea, me for over 8 months, him for about 4 months. He is 2 and I am nursing. Took many tests from our doctor and nothing came up so the Metametrix test did show that he has a parasite, taxonomy unknown, a protozoan non-human parasite. Mine also came back with the same and Endolimax nana another protozoan parasite and Helicobacter pylori. I don't know what to do. Anyone...
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