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seven times the sun is agood book for this with notes too. Lots of good books out there or just take a common tune and make your own up.
typing one handed with the wee one. Recycled felted wool sweaters work well with blunt needles. There are metal needles that are blunt but with just alittle point on the end. Lots of things to be made like this and floss. Also I find that if you beeswax the floss first before sewing it really helps it with not tangling up ease and manageability. You could make a little purse or sack, bean bags, blankets for dolls and herself just be putting squares together. Also,...
I have three wee ones and was wondering what you do as a nightime ritual. It seems that for me it is always a race against time and a magic act trying to juggle all of them plus keeping it wholesome and sweet. I have a 4 month old 2 year old and an 8 year old.
Any suggestions for lunch or snack time, diaper time, getting ready for bed, clean up, dressing in the morning songs, etc, ?
Most nights my 2 year old does not eat enough or just has a high metabolism and in the middle of the night he will want to nurse and is very cranky and uncomfortable. He will get so wound up that he starts shaking. I think he may be having low blood sugar. Maybe he's going through a growth spurt. But either way, I am finding that giving him a good, nourishing snack before bed really helps. Any ideas of some good snacks for a 2 year old before bed.
Those are really cute. Thank you.
Just wondering if you all could share some of your favorite little songs to help your children sing through the day. Songs for: brushing teeth, taking a nap, snack time, getting dressed, going potty, nursing, diaper changing, etc. I have a 4 month old, 2 year old and a 8 year old, so songs for any age is fine and probably delightful to all. thank you! I was a teacher in public schools for 10 years before entering into motherhood. I have always been inspired by those...
JPlain your awesome. Thank you. I've been freaking out over this all week. You've helped me a lot with all your info. I definately will read both books. There are a lot of you nutritional smarties out there. Maybe in a couple days I will post a sample menu of mine so you all can give me your thoughts on it.
Thanks jplain It seems so unnatural to have to check my triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels to see if I am eating right and balancing my diet right. I've always thought that I was really good at this. Of course being pregnant and nursing I took in a lot more fat and protein and probably cholesterol than normal. But, we do stick to a pretty traditional diet. All grains soaked, bread is homemade sourdough, all dairy is whole and raw. I'm still so confused....
Wow, thank you. This is very helpful. How do you figure out the ratio? Not so great with math. Are there resources where I can get this info. on cholesterol? It seems that if I am following a sort of Weston Price Nourishing Traditions diet, traditional info. on cholesterol and triglycerides may not be accurate, I don't know.
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