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I requested, too! Can't wait to have Mdc moms on my FB!
Yes, I've had 5 c/s so far and this will be # 6. I've only heard this pregnancy of any concerns about scar tissue. I've had 3 non baby abdominal surgeries but two were from my childhood/ teen years. One was a hernia repair after cs #4 when the nurse ruptured my incision and they refused to take any responsibility for it. The repair was done immediately after cs #5 and I never had any issues with it healing or being painful.
Just wanted to stop in and say THANKS! for the support. 😘
We did our testing a week ago and got results yesterday. We skipped the "risk" part and went right to the genetic test. Our results were normal and we are having a boy 😍
I felt so bad yesterday. We've had the genetic testing done and got our results yesterday. We also found out that we are having baby boy # 3. When I told my mom she was all " oh, no! Ick! It wasn't supposed to be a boy! I wanted a girl!" I shouldn't have expected anything else from her because she has always reacted negatively to all of my pregnancies. Come to think of it, I don't think she likes my kids at all. We are happy to have a boy, it means we have an evenly split...
We do this but until the new baby arrives, we are in one place. I liked the fact that we could live cheaper than if we were in a house. That said, we will be looking for an rv with laundry capabilities and enough space for food storage,like room to tuck in a small upright freezer. I actually found the perfect sized one at a hardware store recently. Now I know where to go when we do size up. Originally we started out with 7 of us in the tiny travel trailer. Oldest dd moved...
I think I go for these tests nov. 9. We will have a consult with a genetic counselor because we have 1 child with a genetic issue. Let me tell you, finding out your baby has a genetic issue is a nasty surprise at birth. However, our child has a condition there was no prenatal test for, but we could see things on the 3d and reg ultrasound that should have been looked at but weren't. I should have trusted my gut and pushed for a closer look as soon as I realized that my...
Angelmar, I'd let her know exactly how you felt about her comments and how far over the line they were. Stand up for yourself, girl! This is where you can get some mama bear practice in before baby arrives. Now is the time for healthy eating, not obsessing about how much you weigh. Once your energy levels are better you can do more exercising if you're up to it. Every woman's body is different when it comes to handling pregnancy. Remember, the goal is healthy baby and...
Thanks for the welcome! I'm 10 weeks now and made a ton of dr appts ASAP so I have an endocrinologist on board this time.When I was diagnosed at my first OB appt with my last baby my blood sugar was almost 600! It was crazy. So far my sugars are better than they've been in a long time. Just an interesting side note, my blood sugar went up immediately which made me suspect pregnancy😉
Hi ladies, mind if I join you? I'm on bebe #6 and am at the heaviest I've ever been. I hate it, I really do. I'm diabetic and gained 50 or do pounds once I went on insulin with my last baby-which was not GD btw but T2. I have my suspicions about that though. I suspect I've been diabetic since my teen years and didn't know it. Anyway, I just need some girls to commiserate with once in a while.
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