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I think it's pretty much just a statement of fact, though it can be used as an insult if in your mind people who should have children are somehow superior. And I think that it can be used in reference to people who do have children without it being an insult: Mr. Laurel's grandmother would be the first to admit she and her husband should have not had children (but in those days it was just what you did).
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom Noooo! Not Lafeyette! I love Lafeyette! Sookie is going to feel conflicted when she finds out Bill survived because he fed on Lafeyette. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Bill -- I think that was what the viewer was supposed to infer but that it's actually a diversion. I'm guessing it has to do with Lafayette's business activities or with his friend the hypocritical senator.
It all harkens back to the days when a girl's one value was her virginity and marriage was just a business transaction between families. Quote: Originally Posted by PookieMom Same here. So....if you don't have a dad are you just destined to be a whore? I don't get it. Mother's clearly aren't smart enough or have enough self control of their own evil womanly ways to adequately direct their daughters. Oh please. This show is just another excuse...
Quote: Originally Posted by canadianchick I'm watching and crying...... anyone else? *raises hand* My poor dog was looking up at me with this expression of "What's wrong? Why you cryin'?"
Raises hand. Have you ever read Denise Giardina's books about the Mine Wars? I'm also a fan of Sharyn McCrumb.
Quote: Originally Posted by dogmom327 It's easier to get through as an audio book. I read/listened to it while walking each day. Ooh, good idea -- that would be a much more productive use of my time on the treadmill than watching TV.
Here's hoping this link still works: http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/v...px?ciid=495410
The cute . . . *faint*
My husband would probably divorce me if I put the dogs in costumes (not that they'd stand for it either), but I am trying to find some Mardi Gras collars for the pet parade next year.
1. The Lives of Others (German) 2. Maria Full of Grace (Colombian) 3. Seven Samurai (Japan)
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