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It's long! Thursday March 30, 2006 I walked Ian to school and then decided to walk to the grocery store and Starbuck's since Esteban kept telling me to walk. It's almost a mile there, so it was a good, long walk. I was also pushing Luisa in her stroller – I was so tired and sore by the time we got home! I was lucky too that it didn't start raining until just as we got to the house! After I got home, I sat down and checked my email and boards – I was having some...
My advice is to find a good homebirth midwife and skip the medical interventions and negativity altogether. I did it with my last two pgs and had two successful HBACs!
You and your uterus can do it! I just had my second HBAC on April 1st.
Quote: Originally Posted by aminah I bought a bunch of cloth diapers and so far I have not really used them. I am having trouble with how bulky they are. Plus it seems like my son wets them so fast. Any tips? Me too! I've spent a ton of money on cloth diapers and can't use them! They are too bulky and gap around her legs which leads to leaks - I'm so sad!
No vax here. My older three are vaxed, but my 2 yo dd isn't and Fiona won't be either. I found a ped that is okay with not vaxing - so I won't get harrassed if we have to take her in for something.
10:19 AM April 1, 2006 - 9 lbs 10 oz 13 3/4 head, 21 inches long. Scary and intense, but we did it!!! This time I got her whole head out before I had to get out of the tub! She's safe and beautiful - latched right on! Here's a pic of the "team" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...ayPicture1.jpg
Congratulations - she's beautiful!!
Sounds like labor to me - lucky, lucky you!! ~~Andrea~~ 41 weeks 5 days and counting.........
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