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I don't know. But I've been pondering the same exact idea for my twins. I don't want to be done, but I need them to wean down and I thought if there was less milk they might be less inclined.
Hang in there mama! I know these..."this happened to me so don't worry" stories aren't REALLY helpful, but... At 34 weeks I stayed overnight in L&D. I was having regular contractions, dialated to 5 cm. But then...stayed there. Left the hospital and did not have my twins until 37 weeks EXACTLY. So... :
I do think the bucket seats and double snap and go are more "essential" for mamas who have older toddlers/preschoolers to care for/take everywhere. I never used a stroller (except for jogging, long walks) with my older two but I felt that snap and go saved me for the twins infancy. It allowed me to handle all 4 with some confidence and we were out and about a lot for my older two. Now, I sling one and carry the other through parking lots...but that wouldn't have...
I HATED it when they were very young. Then we did it almost all the time. Now they fuss and hurt each other unless they are very tired and nursing to sleep. Everytime I get comfortable with what we are doing, someone changes.
I'm so sorry! I'm exhausted too. So...you aren't alone?
Quote: Originally Posted by skybluepink02 Has anyone decided to use disposables the first month or so? I'm thinking of using them at first, so I don't have to buy a newborn stash as well as a one-size stash. Also, the first month I want to concentrate on establishing breastfeeding. We use cloth after the first few months are over. For the reasons you mention, plus just not having the energy to deal with diaper washing when their pooping...
We've got twin 14 month olds. Never used a crib. But they still cosleep with us.
I'm probably inviting flames but I do eat junk in front of my LOs sometimes (although I do tend to sneak it) and I don't have any problem telling them why I can and they can't. My body is done growing...theres are not. Most of what we all put in our bodies should be wholesome, but especially for growing children. And when you are little, a little junk ends up being a much bigger percentage of what they take in. So, they do get some...but not as often as I do...
ME, ME! Two almost 15 month olds here both don't nap well. Its a big day here when they are both asleep for the same 30 minutes. That doesn't even go INTO the 3.5 year old or the 5.5 year old who "don't need naps!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Prism75 Not so. With two infants who were breastfed exclusively, and rather high needs, I couldn't go to the grocery store on my own with all of them until after 6 months. I couldn't go on 2 miles walks around my neighborhood until I got a 4 person stroller. I couldn't even play outside with my kids because both babies wanted held all the time. Deb Four person stroller? Link?! Oh and I can really relate. I...
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