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Medically speaking, 1 % is not a low risk at all. It is 1 person out of each one hundred.   My brother was born with cord around him. Major resuscitation. He would have died at home because en entire team had to work on him   I do not buy the arguemtn that birth at home is safer. Yes, thee are fewer intervention but it is not because there is something magical about home. Thing liek OR, NICU or Blood banks are simply not available at home.   I have read plenty of...
Agitation can be a symptom of depression. I understand you had bad experiences with therapy but it does not mean your child will. Your child is not you and you should not extend your experiences to him. Depression is common among teens and often they can keep it together in schools  and lash  out at home because they feel safe. he know you're not going to call police, send him ro baording school or therapy. You are not doing him any favors because eventually that...
Send your son to a full time preschool.  Get a part time job. You will have not time to be lazy. It will kind of cure itself. You will also have money to hire a house cleaner.
Somehow global fee is good enough for OB. 
You are not entitled to exercise. You deserve it.   Forget make up and things.  Concentrate on physical fitness together with your child. You are 100%, you are sending her terrible message that being a mother means being a martyr.   Once your have a healthy work out and eating routine, your skin will change. Get make up  consultation then.   Good luck! You deserve a gym membership. Or pool pass, Or whatever else that would rock your world.
IF the birth is at home, lab test and medical interventions are limited, what sort of facility fee one can even talk about?
I wear make up. I do not really care what anyone thinking of it. My life is too busy to contemplate how it fits into my life ideology and such navel gazing. I work, take care of kids, volunteers, meditate etc. My body and my choice.
My OB global fee was far less than $10K
What she done is fraud and since you are aware of it and participate in checks singing, you can be considered an  accessory to fraud. You need to report this to your insurance company ASAP>
"Doctor, I have anxiety issues and I need help. I read about this program but I need a referral for you. I believe this program will help me"
New Posts  All Forums: