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Why people think that pot is harmless is beyond me. Anything that has an active ingredient will have side effects even if it is natural. Pot increase risk of stillbirth.       http://drjengunter.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/using-pot-in-pregnancy-linked-to-stillbirth-new-study/
There are bad mothers and bad choices. Not everything is morally ambiguous.   Yes, it is her body and she should do what she feels like it but is silly to deny that there are no  possible consequences.
I think you should give your child all the information you see fit and feed her at home what your serve. However, I think it is important to allow children to make their own choice. If she wants to eat meat at party of with her grandpa that is for her to deside.   I do not serve junk food in my house but my kids make their own choices outside my home.
There is no safe amount of  alcohol    Marijuana research is mixed.   You friend should look for other way to relax. Walks, meditation, therapy, TV etc.   You know what would be really stressful for your friend? Having a disabled child who needs a lot of extra care. What is also stressful is having you baby been taken by CPS because her tox screen is positive for weed.
Kiachu, what a profoundly honest and brave post. Your children are lucky to have a mother with such deep insight.
It is your body. Who cares what other lay people think IRL on the Internet.   It is between you and your doctor.
I do not think that any child should be had for any other reason than  parent (s) wanting to have another child to raise and to love. It is not this baby's job to heal you.   You just had a child. Concentrate on your baby. See a therapist. See an attorney. Do not make rush decisions.
I was breastfed until 1 . I have three autoimmune disorders. My brother was breastfed untill 2. He has 2 autoimmune disorders . We always had horrible allergies and we both have GI issues. Our first foods were goat milk, kefir, then porridge, veggies and boiled chicken.
Perhaps is is scared because of your bleeding ? Maybe you two can visit your old OB and go over the records so OB can show your DH that you did not have a rapture or any serious issues and that would put his hear at peace.   Out yourself in his shoes, he is terrified that you will die and he will be left a single parent of 4 children.   I do not want to be grim, but I believe in open communication between spouses. Outline to his the worst scenario, life insurance you...
Poliobis far more than respiratory infection. It doesn't take a year for paralysis to appear. Yes, that many kids can get very ill at ones. This is why US had so many wards with iron lungs before mass vaccinations. There are always resurgence of preventable VPDs in time of war and other social upheavals because rates of vaccinations go down, sanitary and nutrition conditions also worsen. Syria has a perfect storm situation right now.
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