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You can call now and make an appointment in December.   PAMF (Palo Alto) had large pedi practice.
Any pediatrician will  do it for you as part of  your care. You bring the form, they talk to you for ten minutes and sign it. You can just do it as part of their physical exam.
There is nothing wrong with Redwood city. People do not like it because of its blue collar reputations, but actually, it had WF, Ferrari dealerships and awesome schools. If you live on county side, you can keep chickens.  Houses are cheaper in RWC.
IF you have an US , would not you know for sure?
Everyone I know bathed with their kids at least once. I would say 1 year was my limits and theirs.
The most important lesson of motherhood that often plans and preparation mean nothings. Mothers used to die in labor far more often in good old time when homebirth was the norm. So were babies.   They still do in Africa and India.  Water breaks, no one does anything for days, infection sets in. The end.   Some mothers  and babies, physically speaking are not made to survive because nature and Evolution doe snot care about individual but only species.      Thinking...
I tried to understand you post but is is unreadable. Sorry. Is English your second language like mine? Consider cutting really long sentences into two or even three shorter one with  one idea per sentence.   Are you saying damage form second smoke is not real?  Eyes tearing up from onion are not the same thing as damage from second smoke. Yes, some people get lung cancer  even thought they never smoked, but there other illness  one gets from second smoke damage as...
Babylust is normal but do not let it carry your away. Two kids is not only double the effort but double the money. Daycare is much more $$$ to pay for two kids and it is harder to deal with work etc
Do you have 24 hr emergency vet nearby?  I would go tonight.   If none is available try warm compresses to drain more puss and hydrate him.  Cats dehydrate really fast.   I am very sorry it is happening.   I live in $$$$ area and my cat had an abscess on his face. Emergency room visit and pills were $98.    I hope it is cheaper in your area.
You have to go to the vet and get antibiotics.  Or he will die a horrible death from sepsis. Ask a vet for a payment plan. See if your local SPCA offers slinging scale.
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