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When you make certain lifestyle choices, you have to deal with the consequences. There were many events I could not attend when my babies were small. Or sick. This is what adults do.  People who plan reunions made a rule. Plan a next one and change the rules.
My son broke his front teeth when he was 1.5 and byt the time he was 2.5 the teeth got infected. Removal was easy.   He got a little bit of laughing gas and the dentist just pulled it. It was over in few seconds. She did not use local as she explain the shot would be more painful and that the gas would work. It really worked well..
Breastfeeding does not reduce rate of asthma or obesity. It does not make IQ higher. It is also not easy for many people. Breastfeeding provides many other benefits and it is right way to feed a baby for many, but not all families.   Breastfeeding is awesome and I think it is great that federal government will help with LC and pumps . I sure could have used free help years ago!   I think the thing that would really make a difference in  breastfeeding rates in US is 1...
Because kids presence changes thing. I do not want to hear infant cry at a formal even. Yes, everyone says their kid will not but they do, and then the smell from the diaper comes by.   Even people with kids want to have a child free evening. If I pay $$$ for a babysitter or have relative doing it for me, I want to relax.     I left my 4 months old with my mom and pumped milk for 3-4 hours. It was fun. My DH and I re-connected and had fund date a this reunion.
When my kids were small, we had a mud pit int he backyard right by the chicken coop. My kids got dirty and muddy to their heart content. Then they would take a shower or bath and have dinner with us.   All is good in moderation but filth is filth.
I do not think it is big deal.
I suppose you can do titers for MMR to prove that you're immune.   Flu vaccine is mandatory in many  states. CDC recommends it and in general hospital follow CDC. Hospitals also want to reduce absenteeism amongst HCPs. I worked as unit clerk.  There is contact. Patients come to the desk. Nurses hand you papers etc.   http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/mandatory_flu_vaccination/faq.html   Employers have all sort of rules. At some jobs one has to wear steeltoe shoes, or...
In the studies I read, the risk of neonatal death in homebirths is three times higher than in hospital births.    Absolute numbers are low in either case, of course. 
Why did you choose an apartment that does not allow dog? Do you think pets are disposable?   You need to understand that at this age any shelter will put her down. It would be more humane to go as a family to good vet office, say good by and hold the dog while the vet puts her to sleep. Cremate. Have a ceremony of spreading ashed somewhere.   If a 12 year do is having seizures , she does not have much time left.   Do what is right and teach your children by example....
It is hard and it does not pay well unless you are an RN. Emotionally speaking it is very rewarding.
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