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Just got my beads in the mail! Gorgeous!! Thanks again for all you've done :)
I sent glass butterfly beads because butterflies are a sign of transformation and new life. And I really like them! :)
I'm almost 37 weeks now and usually deliver around 38-39 weeks. Been having prodromal labor for days..lol...  I would be seriously surprised if I made it to my Dec 3rd due date. No pressure, but I was hoping to be able to have my beads before the birth. I do appreciate all that you are doing!
I've taken four of them home! I just talked to my doc or midwife beforehand and they told me to bring a couple of large freezer bags :)  They packaged it discreetly and asked me to put it in my bag...lol. 
Mine just came in!  They were supposed to have been here last week. I'm gonna head to the post office in a bit and will send them priority mail. So sorry! I hope I'm not too late!  
I probably should! I'm due on Dec. 3rd, but have only once made it past my due date - with my 3rd who has a genetic condition that often causes a longer pregnancy. My sixth was born at 38 weeks, so I have no idea when #7 will make her arrival. My oldest will be in town for Thanksgiving, so I would loooove to have this baby at 39 weeks! Maybe I'll go spy just a little....
I have the octagonal (ocean reef) fishy pool that I paid $36 for after shipping, but it's gonna be too big for our bedroom so I ended up buying a smaller one. If you can't find one anywhere else, I'd be happy to sell you the one I have for $30ppd. It's still in the box!
I think I first read about breathing the baby down in a hypnobirthing book. Basically, it mother-directed pushing while NOT holding your breath. When you hold your breath, you tend to tense up your upper body and jaw which leads to tension everywhere. The book encouraged practicing while having a bowel movement and bearing down while exhaling. To me, the pushing seemed slower because I was not bearing down with all I had, but a dear friend of mine (who happens to be a...
My first two were c-sections and my last 4 have been VBA2Cs. With my first VBAC, I pushed gently while lying on my side and had 3 stitches, but with my 2nd I was on my back and being coached into "purple pushing" - and I had a 3rd degree tear! With the next two, I actually got epidurals just because of my fear of pushing after that birth. BUT, I told them that I did not want to push, but would gently "breathe the baby down" as I had read about. I asked that no one coach...
  I'm fairly new as well:   EDD: 12/3 Age at conception/delivery: 45 What "number" child this is for you: #7 (5th girl!) birth plans: Homebirth with a midwife - first hb after 4 hospital VBA2Cs   Thanks! Kimberly
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