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Welcomes to another Theo ;)   Mine was born 7/14 at 8 lbs 11oz. Funny eh?
Such a beautiful birth story! I'm so so so happy that you got the peaceful homebirth you were after (even if it did get chaotic shortly after).   Your Dean is simply gorgeous! May he continue to suprise you in every way :)
Had a boy. :)   head count including me is: Boys: 13 Girls: 7
Boy oh boy, I had a boy! :)
Baby's gender Guess- girl (2 DD's already so chances are...) Actual- BOY!!   Baby's birth date and time Guess- 7/7 at 3am Actual- 7/14 10:56pm   Baby's weight and length Guess- 8 lbs 10oz, 20.5" Actual- 8 lbs 11oz, 21" (wow, i was close!)   Place of birth Guess- home (hopefully in the tub we'll be renting!) Actual-hospital, but suprisingly it was a great natural labor/birth!   Lenth of labor Guess- 10 hrs Actual- approx 6...
........BOY!   Theodore Jackson was born 7/14 at 10:56pm. 8 lbs 11oz, 21" long, 14 cm head   Will post a pic/update with birth story. Delighted that I was able to birth him naturally/drug free in the hospital (we were risked out of homebirth at 38 weeks).   Apparently alot of our babies share a 7/14 birthday! That near-full moon must've worked it's magic!!
Hey due date buddy (i'm due 7/15), you'll know when those BH's turn into contractions. I've had alot this evening along with some tightness across my back. I'm not convinced much progress has been made but did have a bunch of contrax after DTD with DH the other night so I'm hoping we can DTD again and get SOMETHING going. Walking long distances has been too painful, I feel like baby is squishing my urethra and grinding the head bones against my pelvic bones.    
No need to appologize for venting mama! I'm getting frusterated with those pains too.  I last described it to someone as though baby were sticking his/her fingernails into my cervix and picking it apart or chizling it's way out with dental tools. NOT a happy feeling and it has interuppted my day quite frequently.   Yesterday when we took the family to the park, I told DH I was going to walk around and try to get things moving. I headed out and the pain started in...
Congrats and big welcomes to your baby girl!! Enjoy your babymoon mama, what a beautiful birth!!
I just found out that I am being risked out of a homebirth, reading your story really makes me feel that natural birth in the hospital is possible (had 1 horrible hospital birth, 1 lovely homebirth). Enjoy that beautiful baby and hope your tear heals quickly!
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