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My baby was born at home yesterday and still hasn't latched on to the breast. I spoke with an IBCLC who suggested hand expressing colostrum and pumping some. She made it sound like I'll have to give my baby formula or breastmilk from a friend soon if I can't get her to nurse.   My dh just took her to our chiropractor for craniosacral therapy. I don't feel like she can open her mouth very wide- maybe a tight jaw or something? I know that would be rare, but it's a gut...
I'm 42 weeks today. I've done a lot at this point- sex, walking, acupressure/massage, acupuncture, membrane sweep yesterday, and castor oil 3 hours ago.   I'm 100% sure of my ovulation date, which has me at 42 today. LMP has me at 42+4 and early u/s at 42+3.    I'm still waiting for the castor oil to kick in, and my midwife is going to do another membrane sweep in a couple of hours too.    If that doesn't work, I'm currently deciding between two options: 1)...
Thanks everybody. In a couple of hours, I'll be 41+6. I'll be having a big discussion with my midwife tomorrow morning. I had an NST/BPP on Friday with a perinatologist that went very well. so that was reassuring. I know my midwife takes these things on a case-by-case basis and is fine with going past 42 weeks, but I don't know how far past 42 weeks. 
It's Sunday now and I'll be 42 weeks on Tuesday, based on my latest possible due date.    Anybody else getting close to this point? What's the plan if you do? I'm trying to stay positive, but at this point I'm starting to lose hope.    I've had two previous out-of-hospital births that were lovely, one at 41+2 and the other on my EDD. I never thought I'd be sitting here 12 days late, having to think about what to do in this situation.
Wow- best wishes for a fast recovery.
Sitting here with tears in my eyes because I'm so ready to be done and holding my baby in my arms. I never thought I would be this late. I'm 100% sure of my dates, and we used the latest EDD possible.   41+4 today
My first two kids came at 41+2 and 40, but my current pregnancy is at 41+3 and counting....   If I get to Tuesday, dh and I will have to decide whether to continue past 42 weeks or ditch our planned homebirth and be induced in the hospital. My midwife is okay with going past 42 weeks. The perinatologist I saw this morning for my BPP said his personal cutoff is 42 weeks.   Can you help us get started on our research? 42 weeks seems to be a very common cutoff in...
I'm not calling my midwife until I'm sure either!    I had a great NST and BPP this morning. The perinatologist was supportive of going to 42 weeks, but he says that's his recommendation for a cut-off. My midwife is more laid back about it and seems to think it's fine to go beyond 42 weeks. My dh and I haven't given it a whole lot of consideration at this point. I have no idea what we'll choose to do if we get to Tuesday.   I cancelled an $80 acupuncture...
41+2 today and frustrated. I had a burst of energy yesterday and got my house in great homebirth condition and I got caught up on laundry. This morning, the kids and I went to the zoo.   Here I sit, still pregnant, not even anything going on. My first NST/BPP is tomorrow at 9am. 
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