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Somehow I keep getting unsubbed from everything mothering... Anyway, here I am.  :)
Hi,  I can't offer a recommendation for a ped - as I live way north, but we travel to a chiro who is in Glen Ellyn and is awesome 1000%.  She does alternative care and now we rarely go to our ped.  Her website is: www.restorativehealthcare.com
Quote: Originally Posted by DashsMama Also, off the top of your heads, besides pregnancy, do any of you know what could cause recurring nausea and fatigue. I've been struggling with this for a couple weeks now. I took a pregnancy test yesterday just to be sure I wasn't pg (the nausea is very similar to what I experience when pg). It was negative, and I was surprisingly disappointed. I have an IUD in place, but they're only 99.4% effective. I thought for a...
hi! I hope everyone is doing well. This year brings a lot of changes for us: my oldest is going away to school - currently he's dealing with homesickness ; my twins are starting school for the first time - going into a 4yr old nursery class instead of kindergarten - I'm trying to play by the school rules... And lastly, my brand new 9 yr old (HEbrew b-day this past shabbos) is staying home this year and we're homeschooling. I've been pretty crazed trying to put...
I don't do anything in particular. I don't do laundry - as women get a break on Rosh Chodesh. I try to dress more nicely.
Hi. I'm here.
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Tikva, for you or the kids? There's a "Parents with ADD" thread in the "Parenting" forum - we do a lot of talking about ADD treatments without meds. Not for me! LOL it's for my ds - hopefully the dr. I took him to on WEd. is onto something and we will do this without meds. She said to give it two weeks, so im yirtze Hashem, we'll see. Happy birthday! Merpk, I hope your move was good for your...
Shavuos was pretty nice here. No cheesecake though. Dh and Akiva stayed up learning all night ( alittle unusual) and came home at some crazy early morning hour - after 6 am . Anyone know anything about treating ADD without meds?
That is Chava... and mazal tov Sara!
I have nothing real to add after those incredible responses; however, I wanted to clarify what to me is a difference between religious and observant. A religious Jew could be someone who is reform, conservative, whathaveyou.... and be very religious - very spiritually in touch, but still might not be observant (as in keeping the mitzvos). And an observant Jew could possibly be not religious - follows halacha to the letter, but doesn't feel that spiritual pull to their...
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