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i might be going on a trip next week. If we do travel, i think i'll need an air mattress. My thought was since it's at least a doublr or queen that I would sleep on t w/the twins. They are not rolling yet. The mattress blows up to be vvery firm. What do you think?
Hi, new to the site, but have lurked in the past...Anyway, we're t.v. free too.
Hi! I'm a new mommy to twins also. My babies will be 4 months on the 1st. What I do is have them sleep next to each other in my bed. I sleep next to the one who wakes more often and that way he is right next to me when he needs me. I put a full wipes box next to my other baby so there is a definite division between where my babies lay and my dh who is also a heavy sleeper. I was`told not to get the cosleeper because they outgrow it so quicklt. Ha! they are still in...
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