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That sounds so very difficult. I can relate as I grew up in Des Moines Iowa where my family was one of the frummest (and they weren't frum). When dh and I were married a year we moved to Omaha where there were a handful of frum families (but really only a couple that weren't still working their way into frum). The Chabad preschool there definitely caters to the non-frum families - that's their goal to bring more people back - not to help those who already are frum. In...
I am so very sorry that things are not working out as planned. That must be incredibly difficult. Did you move to a very small community?
Oh my gosh, I think Tehila has it again too . She's running a fever now of 102.5. Funny, we are going to the dr. tomorrow for the twin's 4 yr check up. I'm finally starting to feel better, but this afternoon I feel like the fever is trying to make a come back (had a fever one day last week and then nothign). I think part of my problem is that my hormones ahve been off for so long that instead of always being hot - now I must be normal - and I'm cold. I haven't been...
Welcome! Do we know each other? I lived in Omaha for 3 years and my dh grew up there.
Gut voch, I'm sick again. Kind of wondering if it's the swine flu again. Very depressing thought which has led me to thinking about the supposed efficacy of the vaccine that they are busy bandying about.
Mazl tov BB!!! May you have only nachas from him and all of yours! School here starts next week. We'll see what happens if everyone gets to go or not. The twins will be home again.
Happy birthday Ruth! I'm here - been pretty busy running around - which is unusual for me. Not too much is new here. Rashi is doing a yeast detox - poor little guy -it's been rough on him. Nachman has a migraine . I'm wondering what's causing them...
My twins will be 4, im yirtze Hashem, at the beginning of Sept. They will be home with me again this year.
Hi, popping in here. Struggling to get ready for Shabbos - thinking of auctioning off a couple of kids. LOL It's raining here and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90s. Looks like summer is finally here.
Yay for the job! Hanging in there...
New Posts  All Forums: