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Does anyone use Step Up to Writing Primary for their kindergartener? I tried doing a search here, but cannot find anything about it. I am also looking at Writing Strands 1. I am interested to hear people's experiences. Thanks
Okay, somehow I figured it out, (don't ask me how ). I appreciate the tip off. It looks like it may be a fun program.
Thanks Elizawill. I tried to sign up but it only offers me the 14 day trial and I the instruction do not seem to work e.g I cannot see the register button on the site.
Does anyone have a promo code or something for HEADSPROUT. My son tried the first 3 epsiodes and loves it and it looks pretty cool to me too. It is WAY too expensive so any offers would be appreciated. Thanks,
Thanks for your input. What is RFH? Thanks
Hi there, I was wondering how your kindergarten kids are enjoying Handwriting Without Tears? My son HATES Explode the Code. I understand, it is VERY repetitive, since he picks new things up easily. I want to encourage his love of learning and do not want to force anything with him, (I am homeschooling him in order to avoid that). Our homeschool charter calls Handwriting without Tears, Handwriting WITH Tears, so I would like to know your experiences. Also, I would...
I have not used it, although I liked the look of it. Our homeschool charter has a suscription with Aleks.com and I hear it is very similar. We like it a lot and most of the kids who homeschool with us use it too and love it.
My daughter started using it 2 weeks ago and it has changed our lives and her desire to do math. I think the assessments are not too thorough, e.g. my daughter was given problems that she already understood well. But after initially scoring 28% of math learned in the beginning, now she has only 28% left to learn before finishing 4th grade math. We had power struggles over math and we took a long break, but she was really into Aleks and I find her doing it when not even...
Thank you for your suggestion GinaRae. We are actually signed up with a charter and have someone we answer to. However, my kids still won't do the work assigned. The interest in cookery and science experiments had faded fast and I feel as though my oldest DD needs more stimulation but she is so negative and stubborn about everything I suggest and has no ideas of her own. Whenever I suggest the beach, they groan and turn up their noses and actually get upset at my...
Quote: It may help you feel better about your journey to log/journal/bolg about the things you observe your kids learning and doing daily. I think that is a good idea. I was actually doing something like that in the beginning, but that was when I was trying to get them to do standard curriculum stuff. Even then, I was surprised how much we had actually accomplished. Thanks for the reminder that I should start it up again with the fun stuff we are...
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