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Hey ladies, ive sucked at replying to my own thread, but ive been slowly gearing up.   I found this great thread from last year that packs an informational punch:   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1241375/superfoods-additional-stuff-for-ttc-my-plan   This one is also an oldie but goodie:   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1213675/101-most-nourishing-foods-while-ttc-pregnant-nursing   craft_media_hero: Oh wow, my condolences on the reabsorbed...
Aah ok, are tryna follow a Paelo diet or just cutting carbs for weight loss specifically.  Are you incorporating exercise too and if so, what are you doing?  
well, cool, craft_media_hero, have you any thoughts on where you want to start?  How could you tell you were deficient for your last pregnancy?   I hear you, jeaninmh, i have amalgams, but im taking the road of leaving them in until after we're finished having children and just really building my nutrient stores in the interim times.  How long do you have to go with your detox?   momtoatds, what's the Leslie Sanson 14 day challenge about?  How'd you come across...
I'd love to have some company with any others who are looking to up their nutrient stores to TTC in 2012. Im not tryna to be precise or anything, but I'd love to share and talk about everyone's else's plans on eating nutrient dense, whole foods to conceive.  :)
I buy from a Vermont farm and the maple syrup is some of the best Ive tasted.  Check them out here:  http://www.stannardfarmvt.com/     ETA:  Oops, i neglected the part about you being in Australia as it seems this farm only ships in the US. :^\
Ditto!  sigh   Your post resonated with me.  Mother's day has always been tough for me as i dont have much of a relationship with my own mother, but add on the fact that i have baby fever but need to wait and its torture.  However, having said that, i do feel like my childless days are most definitely numbered, so I am prepping the best ways I know how (health, business building, etc).    
Im at this same juncture.   Hubby is READY but things arent perfect but we are doing ok.  Im 31, so the clock is ticking as we'd like more than one child.  Taking the plunge, as it were, seems like the scariest thing ive ever had to contemplate.  
Yea, ive been doing the sprouted flour thing (bought, not sprouting myself), but i think im gonna switch over to just sourdough and call it a day.
So I think im at an impass, lol.   Hubby and I had a discussion earlier today that basically was him asking me if/when im ready.  I think it came about due to what i like to call the "perfect storm of baby fever".  Hubby just turned 34 (yea i know, not old, but stay with me here lol), his friends and family are wondering again when we are going to have children (they've been quiet for the last few years), hubby is home working on his freelancing while im doing pretty...
I know its not a ribeye, but i made minute steak tonight with some grassfed beef cutlets.  My cast iron had a little bit of bacon grease in it and i did my thing that way.  It was DELICIOUS! :)
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