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Me, just over 30K counting interest. Hubby just under 40K counting interest. And no the degrees havent been worth it. AT ALL.
Can i join? I would be in the pre-step 1 as we need to get current on our debt. This will be PRETTY hard as i am the sole income right now (hubby looking for work now). I want to see how far i can get in reducing debt until March2011 when I (hopefully) get my yearly bonus. It would be wonderful to use the bonus to plug in as our emergency fund and then use the rest to pay down even more debt.
*dusts thread off* Hey, anybody still here? lol Just popping in to say hey to everyone and hope that everyone is well.
Nope, my grandparents are in their 80s now and they pretty much stay put save for the occasional road trip "down home" (they are from South Carolina).
Vandalizing someone else's car is WAY out of line in my opinion, but i love the fake parking ticket and the Mickey Mouse note ideas, lol. Here in our apt complex, we had a pick up truck that loved to park 6 inches away from our driver's side when the other side of them was totally free (handicapped spot that no one uses). So hubby just wrote them a friendly heads up and left it on their windshield and things have been copacetic ever since.
Ive been eyeing hand grain mills for a while now because of their price, but now im like "I may as well just save up for the electric ones". I wanna mill a month's worth of flour at a time and i just dont see me wanting to do that on a hand grain mill. Anywho the ones i was eyeing were the Country Grain Mill (before i saw the price lol), Family Grain Mill, and the WonderMill Jr. But like I said, its takes a lot of work and time to get just one cup that an electric...
Thanks you guys, ima try this this week and see how many containers I can collect!
Bump! Come onnnnnn, everyone, i wanna get in on the fun too! Im BRAND spanking new to gardening, let alone container/urban gardening and I need all the help I can get! Ive been researching and reading like a mad woman (i've been burrowing through the older urban gardening threads on here and i have "You Grow Girl" and "McGee & Stuckey's The Bountiful Container" on reserve at the library) and im SOOOO excited to get started. Im located in Austin, TX which i...
i plan to use some clam juice to use in my own clam dip this month.
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