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Try brining it.
I decided i wanted to homebirth in early 2006 and we are still kidless. It didnt take much to get hubby on board (in fact he's already long ago told his family of our plans lol), but i sometimes get nervous thinking that when we finally do get pregnant that he might all the sudden become super protective and want me to go to the hospital instead. We shall see.
*lurks for ideas*
My wanting has been on a feverish level the past month because of my coworker. Basically he is leaving the company and he has been training me to take over his job. One of the very big reasons he is leaving was because his wife was hugely pregnant with their first child. So, imagine, while he's training me from home, i get to hear all the laughter, baby talk, runs to get the mom-to-be viddles and other comforting things, eluding to a very happy expectation for the...
I agree with Ruthla's sniff test. More often than not, ima use it lol
Thank you Kate! I just whipped up your recipe on a whim as its what i had left in my pantry tonight and it's SO GOOD! Quote: Originally Posted by katelove we call this tuna mornay rather than tuna casserole but i believe they are similar. 1 onion, diced 2 tbs butter 2 tbs flour milk 1 cup-ish grated cheese (i usually use a cheddar and parmesan) can of tuna, drained juice of one lemon or lime (optional) chopped parsley (optional) 2 cups...
Alright, lemme jump back in this (ya'll move fast sometimes lol). Blanca, if you would, please add a year to my TTC start date, it most certainly wont be going down next month! lol Let's see, one thing i worry about motherhood changing is my marriage. We pretty much love how things are (with a few improvements of course lol) between us and i worry how a little one will impact that. We do very well as a team, but a baby can be a bomb in the middle of the field of...
YAY, that was awesome!
Financial stability/freedom.
Ok, so hubby and i just moved to Austin (NW Austin to be exact) last month from the DC Area and the rent is LOVELY here! We are paying $885 a month right now for a two bedroom, two bath (3 showers!), HUGE kitchen with dining room. In Maryland, we were paying nearly $1400 for a one bedroom, so yea, lol. My job relocated me here and many of my coworkers who are opted for 1 bedrooms are paying well under $700 a month. I mean, you CAN pay more in Austin, believe me, there...
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