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Quote: Originally Posted by heatherdeg I've been out of it for 6 years and my family is JUST NOW "getting" that I don't do tech support anymore... so they turn to dh. The best is my mother: she's trying to learn PhotoShop well enough for certification and sends me these GOD-AWFUL photo creations that a friggin 5yo could do better. What's worse is that she took a photo that took me EIGHT HOURS to restore and told me she could do it better. She...
HA!! Welcome to my (and most techies) world. Automatically, my husband and I are the tech support for BOTH of our families as well as doing this (resentfully, lol) for our lively hood. Imagine working with people with little to not technical savvy everyday, you need the patience of someone trying to watch paint dry. Yes, i chose this job, but hopefully in about a year, i can unchoose it, lol.
The WORST questions i usually get are: In regards to my dreadlocks: Is that your real hair? (yes, there are dreadlocks extensions, but you can SEE my roots, so yes its all mine!) How do you/DO you wash it? (no i just let infestation abound on my head!, grr) Do you eat meat? (yes, not every person with locks is automatically vegan, thanks for your concern...not) Do you smoke pot? (OMG, can you POSSIBLEY stereotype me any harder please,...
YES. Just got off the phone with my beloved, selfish mother. Anytime she calls, she manages to piss me off.
Nah, no visiting our mothers on MD. Both live 800 and 3,000 miles away respectively, so nah.
I miss my DVR. Hubby have had one for the last 2 years, but decided not to get one cause we didnt want to pay too much. Well, now we still pay a butt load for cable that we hate, but now with the added plus of missing all of our favorite shows. I dunno if we should add the DVR, cause we'll be moving (hopefully) in the next 3 months.
I know it and am not doing it, YET.
to ME, people who have very loving, close-knit families and friends have everything.
If I had to guess, i'd say 17, 18, MAYBE 19 years old.
This thread is kinda on time for me, since i've had this calling to be a mentor. But then i ask myself (it may be an excuse that ive waited this long, who knows) if thas even possible since hubby and I are thinking of TTCing next year. I mean, how good of a mentor could i be with a newborn, you know? Granted, i would only be committing to be with my mentee for an hour a week at the least, but i still wonder. Noone ive ever talked to or heard of who has been a mentor...
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