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Thank you for correcting your husband on his misinformation when he said he'd have more complications if he hadn't be circumcised. This is absolutely false. I'm a happily intact male for 33 years and have zero foreskin problems. But even if I had, I'd want to treat it with the most effective non-invasive way. Infected earlobes are not amputated. Same thing w/ a foreskin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nandi I think he means if he ever has that level of celebrity influence. Imagine how much influence Oprah could have if she chose it as an issue. Yep. Seeing sickening Jenny McCarthy on the cover of People magazine just highly annoys me because she KNEW circ was wrong and inflicted it on to her son because she wanted a "pretty-looking penis". : But the cover has to do w/ her son's autism.
The British movie 'Drowning By Numbers' has a boy in it who was curious about his middle-aged friend's circumcised status (not in the sexual way). He ends up performing his own circumcision and is found by his friend (and his girlfriend) lying in bed, white sheets covered in blood. But that was an all around weird movie.
Check out Circumstitions.com for a complete list of circumcision used a theme in movies and TV. They list the scenario and the outcome and whether this is a pro-or anti- statement... usually in the name "comedy". I SWEAR if I ever make it big, I'm making Intactivism my main cause.
One of THE most callous things I have ever heard from a mother regarding her son's circumcision is this: (to paraphrase): "Hey, I had to push his head and shoulders out, so what's a little skin off of the end of his dick?!" ...the last half of that sickening sentence word-for-word! Some sort of punishment for an innocent human being who never asked to be born and circumcised. This type of you-hurt-me-so-I'm-going-to-hurt-you cruel mentality. I have no idea where...
I can't offer any more words of wisdom than what has already been told. I can tell you I'm a happily intact male and wouldn't trade my foreskin for anything in the world! : I don't know if this anecdotal experience helps, but it's more a "cute" story: I got an AMAZING pro-intact/anti-circ bumper sticker ("Pro-Choice? Routine Circumcision Removes HIS Right To Choose!") and put it on my parents car (I live at home temporarily and have never had a car). They removed it...
Quote: Originally Posted by momongeon There is a life time of pain for some of these boys. Think of those who didn't make it past infancy due to this horrific procedure. Even if the odds of losing one of my boys were 1 in a trillion I would not take the chance with my sons' lives. I have never heard of death by foreskin. : Exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nandi It remains a mystery. Secret plots by the makers of erectile dysfunction drugs to continue to have excellent customers? I kid... You quasi-kid, but you're also on to something there. The U.S.,-- the paradise for pharmaceutical companies selling these E.D. drugs. I was curious about non-U.S. circumcising countries like Israel, Turkey and the Philippines... what the E.D. market like over there?
It's sad we have to hope for girls to be produced, but, I'm glad it is. And imagine that poor boy's constant pain post-mutilation, since they give infant males absolutely NO pain relief! Days worth of agony. And that's what it is. An adult male circ can allow him to have the "style" he wants and by totally out of it during it and adequate pain-relief post-op. Not so for baby boys. Also, no urine/feces in a fresh wound for adult males. It's barbaric!
Quote: Originally Posted by leila1213 Sorry to go OT, but I read somewhere that the original circ's done by Jews were just to snip off the end of the foreskin that overhangs the glans. Why couldn't they do that in order to get a loose circ, instead of forcibly separating & retracting fully and causing the aforementioned complications??? I remember my history right, that's *exactly* what they use to do during the earliest days. But at that time...
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