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To the OP, I'm sorry your SIL is choosing to stay ignorant on this important issue, because choosing NOT to learn about something when you can, is just that. I'm not sure if she believes that whole "if you play w/ yourself, you're going to hell"" stuff, but if she doesn't, perhaps there's a rare glimmer of hope you can use that as leverage to open the door a crack on being enlightened.
Not to get this thread purposely locked for UA violations, but think about the all important book to Muslims and take into consideration there is not one mention of circumcision being required. http://www.circumcisionvideos.com/ "Mother, Why Was I Circumcised?" (a Dutch TV documentary w/ English subs) www.muslimsagainstcircumcision.org
You can already see where I'm going w/ this. I'm watching CPAC (our Canadian version of C-SPAN) and they're in Surrey, BC [a place I want to move to in the next year or so], talking to the various members of the different parties talking about their issues. They were talking to the Green Party and the gentleman was talking about human rights. That immediately got me thinking about MGM (male genital mutilation). I've always voted NDP, because my parents (and grand...
Great easy advice: "Only wipe what you see." You wipe the outside of it like a finger. Nothing more. No need to manipulate his foreskin. That can be damagin. The foreskin is fused to the glans for the first few years of life to protect it and the meatus (pee slit). Some boys don't become fully retractable until puberty and he'll clean it himself when he's older and takes baths by himself. Clean only the outside!
Please just leave his penis alone. It's already been through a major trauma and whether intact or circ'd, there's absolutely NO reason to manipulate his penis or ANY boy's penis (whether it be his foreskin if intact or the remaining foreskin covering part of his glans if circ'd... whether it's adhered or not). The adhesions WILL go away. It's like this: They now circumcise "loosely" so for a baby or even a toddler, some or even most of his glans will be covered with...
You have time to give them information. You'd THINK they'd want to purposely seek it out, but even if they don't, send it to them anyway. At least you know you tried. I soooo DO hope they come around to being educated. http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/5...rcumcision.htm "12 Reasons To Say 'No!' To Circumcision!"
Do you mean the Intact.ca video? http://www.intact.ca/ And please click on my signature link for a very informative video on the function of the foreskin.
Have a super night. Get some rest. You most deserve it, even without the circ fight. And I don't think it will be much of a fight at all. Glad you're with us. P.S. Who knows... maybe a year from now, you'll even have an anti-circ bumper sticker on your car. A lot of circ'd DH converts here. Like intact penises, the more the merrier.
Quote: Originally Posted by **Cat** That's what I'm saying. I have no intent whatsoever in going along with it. I'm hoping if he watches the videos and learns about it he will make the sane and logical choice. Before we knew what we were having I said that I wanted nothing to do with it... but when I saw his little peepee on the ultrasound the first thing I thought was how I have to protect that little organ. Right now he wants to remain...
That can work and often does ("You book the appointment, you watch it being done, you clean his fresh bloody circumcised penis"). But if he sees it being done and realizes the savageness of it all, your son still paid the price. Watching the Intact.ca video gives him an idea (turn up the speakers LOUD, do not let him turn it off 'til the end... because YOUR SON doesn't have the option when HE'S the one strapped down being literally skinned alive!). I would suggest...
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