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It seems he's uneducated on the issue. There's lots of valuable sources on circumcision, why it's wrong and the benefits of the foreskin. Has he checked out the Intact.ca actual circumcision video? THIS is the absolute mutilation and torture HIS son (your son, too) will go through: http://www.intact.ca/
I just read Google News and they have a search of news stories. They're placed in order of date from top to bottom. You can even setup a e-mail alerts on any given keyword you choose. This is how I get the latest stories on circumcision. I often DREAD checking it, actually, because of all the gloom. http://news.google.com/nwshp?hl=en&tab=wn
You protect your innocent son from unnecessary mutilation. You say "over my dead body!". It is NOT happening and that's all their is to it. He can choose to do it himself, if he wants, when he's an adult. If worse comes to worse -- and an absolute last resort -- threaten to leave him w/ the child if he attempts to take him to be circumcised. I don't mean to scare you and this threat gets them to back off, but I sure would have contempt towards a spouse who would take...
: Best of luck tomorrow. Glad you respected your son's body and have a good doctor.
Of that kind of diagram, I would say the only type of circumcision that looks like that in real-life, would that on an Eastern Rim circumcision (Philippines, Japan, Thailand). The skirting of skin that tends to hang a bit like a pelican's beak.
It's a very common and understandable question. Cleaning an intact boy is incredibly easy and easier to clean than circ'd boys and from what I hear here and elsewhere, easier to clean than girls. Basically, you just wipe what you see. You wipe the outside of it like a finger. No need to retract the foreskin ever. As you know, it's fused to the glans for the first few years of life and may not become fully retractable until puberty. All of this is perfectly natural. : It...
If he's lying face down, he can move up or down w/ his body against the mattress can do the trick. It does for me. I'm sure he'll be fine and it's good that he's separating. No need for him to retract at all, and of course you, either. Your little man is doing what nature intends (become retractable).
It wasn't I. If I had saw it, I soooo would have taken a picture of it. Here's my parents' car they were so nice to allow me to put on their car: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=71hhb92&s=1 (their old car) I'm going w/ the "Pro-Choice? Routine Circumcision Takes Away HIS Right To Choose." for the new one. http://bumperstickers.cafepress.com/...mper/108822936
I think your "S" got cut off. I got around to finally ordering a new bumper sticker for the new car. I got the "Pro-choice? Routine Circumcision Takes Away HIS Right To Choose!". I'm sure if it was the best choice to make. I kind of was liking a different one. I'm not sure if "Routine" should be put out there, because it might make people think 'routine = acceptable', which I know is the misconception people do think....
10% complications rate from MGM (male genital mutilation). Most commonly, metal stenosis. This requires surgeries every few years for life to allow for urination because of the building up of scar tissue. BM31 has had to endure this time and time again.
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