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What part of the Bronx are you in?  
It's been awhile since I've been on here but thought I'd post that after 2 or 3 treatments of moxa, baby did turn and now at almost 38 weeks, babe is head down and ready! 
You can tour it- my friend gave birth there, toured it and had a very good experience there.  she did wind up with a c-section but it was her choice.  she had a very long labour and was never pushed into a section by anyone there.  call them and schedule an appointment!
i had an awful view of birth up until I got pregnant with my first at age 31.  i thought that birth was disgusting, i would never have a natural birth, that a c-section was the way to go, etc etc.  No one ever challenged my views, told me any different opinions than what i had or ever tried to give me a beautiful perspective on birthing.  And I really wish someone had.  My view of everything was so distorted and it was purely out of fear.  As a child, I got my knowledge...
i hope baby has flipped.  i have a lot of pressure down low so i am hoping that it's the head down there.  i see my mw next week and hopefully, she'll be able to confirm!
Everything that comes to mind is a museum- like the children's museum of manhattan and the brooklym children's museum.  There is the public library in Manhattan but it's not the best place to run around in.  Indoor places that are free are somewhat hard to come by in NYC.   have a good time!
Some days I think baby has turned, other days I'm not so sure.  I am starting to research delivery a breech baby naturally so that in the event it does happen, i feel prepared.  It also helps to ease my anxiety by knowing a breech baby doesn't necessarily mean a c-section
This is my 3rd baby.  baby #1 was breech (turned late and got "stuck"), baby #2 was a beautiful HBAC and now i am 27 weeks and baby #3 is breech.  While I am doing chiro, inversions, etc, i am getting nervous.  I was speaking with my doula yesterday and she mentioned that she has attended many vaginal breech deliveries both at home and in the hospital.  luckily, we have a few doctors in my area that will deliver breech babies naturally.  i will ask my midwife in 2 weeks...
what about Keiran?  or is that too close to the -een.  Or Killian?  There is also Tristan- all of which have Irish roots and i particularly like and are on our boy list!    
I have the same issue.  For me, i think it's due to being 30 pounds heavier at my starting pregnancy weight than I was with my first pregnancy (this is my 3rd).    That said and whatever the reason it is happening for you, I just asked my midwife about it on Monday.  Her suggestions were to drink more water, regular chiropractic care and yoga.  Then she suggested i try melatonin, additional flax seed oil (i am a vegetarian, so no fish oil for me)  and a whole bunch...
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