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OMG I that is the cutes dog ever!
Been dealing with this one all week! I'm a little jealouse though. I want firecrackers!
The book "pregnancy and Chilbirth Secrets" I really like. I can't remember the author right now. "Ina Mae's Guide to Childbirth", "Calm Birth", "Ina Mae's Guide to Breastfeeding". HTH!
Hello all, Just thought I's spread the word.... Natual Born Babies: A Modern Birth Story Film Premiere Q&A with Lorri Walker, NP, CNM Saturday, April 17th 8pm Belly Sprout 426 W Commonwealth Ave Fullerton, CA www.natualbornbabies.com www.bellysprout.com Join Lorri Walker, NP, CNM, the executive producer of Natural Born Babies, at the premiere of Natural Born Babies: A Modern Birth Story. Held at Belly Sprout, this free event will showcase the film, as...
i'm going to agree with MusicianDad on this one. there are so any details that just aren't known to us at this time. i also commend what ever you are doing s a parent that this is something that is "comfortable" being talked about with you.
i just paid a bill....on line, with a bank card for $0.05. yeah. they mailed me a bill, and had to pay credit card fees on that one.
wow, congratulations mama!
we went through that. we still do TV (my son is 4), but he is perfectly happy entertaining himself in his room, practicing letters and numbers with me or DP, or going outside. the novelty wears off a lot.
wow, this sounds delicious! but definetly not enough. oh, the dreaded 2nd trip to the store!
could be something or nothing. take a test. and/or hit up you're health care provider.
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