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Great....thank you! You mentioned that the first pattern always turns out slightly larger...do you know by how much? I wont actually be measuring the head but will be going off of an aproximate nb head size of 13-14".
I would like to make a couple of cute, funky hats for my friend's eagerly anticipated little one expected in a month or so. I thought a jester hat would be fun. : Does anyone here have a pattern they could share with me...and maybe a pic of theirs? Thanks so much!
Thanks for all the replies!!! I have been called out on a couple births and couldn't get back to read the responses until today. I believe that you all have given me some good balanced information and I am going to really mull it over for a while. I want to be a responsible pet owner balance with what is best for my boys. Also, thanks for replying in a non-judgemental manner! I'll be back again.
I did not want to hijak the thread about not spaying/neutering dogs but I have some questions in relation to that thread and my own dogs. I'm looking for some helpful insight here, not judgement please. I have a few thoughts below. I have two 5 month old border collie pups. When I brought them home I started to research this issue. When I would be in my local pet supply store I chatted with the owners about it since they are very connected with the vets in our...
I read your post and feel for you. Can you take the $ he offered and use some of it buy him a ticket for him to join you at a predetermined time? Then he would have something tangible to see that you aren't just up and leaving him and truly do want him to follow? Guys seem to need tangible.
Quote: Originally Posted by heartandhandsdoula I have heard stories of obs/mw's going in and manually breaking it up during labor...it hurts bad but it works. Again, only second hand knowledge, don't know if its helpful or not! I have worked with clients that had scar tissue and the midwives manually broke the scar tissue. I've had a couple clients where it was a "once and done" thing and others where it was deeper and needed to be done again. ...
Thanks for the link!!
Thanks for your reply Alana! I thought I remember reading some mention of his books being racist? I'm going through Minn of the Mississippi and am wondering what books have racist references? Is it blatant or just words/concepts that were used during the time he wrote the books?
I am looking for some feedback on those of you who have used or are using his books. We are a definite eclectic hs family and I am pulling together our reading list/curriculum for the yearish and have found the Holling books. Fortunately for me I have access to a wonderful library system and they have all his books. I checked out two to read through it myself fist. When I first opened them I was really impressed with the illustrations. I think my oldest son is going...
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