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Come on everbody!! Give me a break. All I wanted to do was share a positive experience with everyone for those of you out there considering the possibility of doing the same with your children. That's all.
Well, I understand it's been a month, but it's obviously still a touchy subject, otherwise no one would be posting.
Nope, never posted under any other name. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion, just like all of you are doing. I don't need to hide under another name.
I'm new to this and realize this thread is over a year old...but it's a never ending issue.
So, you're saying it's O.K. to let an older child get their ears pierced because they can rationalize the pain?? PLEASE!!! I'm sorry to hear you had problems with yours..but it's all about where you get them done and how you take care of them that can also have an effect. Several medical articles have stated that younger children/babies are less likely to have problems with infection than older ones. Also, can you honestly say that you wear nothing that sparkles? A...
I had my dd's ears pierced a few weeks ago and have absolutely no problems with them or her playing with them. Mia is 10 months old. My mother had mine done at 4 years old and I wished she would have done them when I was a baby. My husband and I agreed on this together and believe that teething hurts them more than getting their ear's pierced. Come on ladies...what girl or woman doesn't like some bling-bling on them????? Really, the holes are so tiny that if they...
New Posts  All Forums: