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Make sure the clothes don't allow access, or if it's a toddler then give them the option: diapers or potty. I mean it's possible before walking age too but needs even more help from you.
Our family doesn't eat grains at all when we can avoid it, especially for babies. It's very inflammatory and hard to digest, has many anti-nutrients, and veggies are way better sources of the good things grains have (like fiber and good carbs and vitamins and minerals). When we "cheat" and have rice, we do share a bite with the baby after 10 months, maybe wheat after a year but gluten is very inflammatory.
The ACOG official position is that scheduled c section or early induction are NOT recommended for a suspected macrosomia (large baby). They are often off by 10% bodyweight in late estimates by ultrasound anyway. Yes IV fluids do increase baby weight a bit. But it's not the weight, whether fat or fluids, that causes SD. It's large shoulders compared to the head, and malpositioning of baby or of mom. I would make sure to be squatting or on hands and knees during pushing to...
Mostly I just would wear while away from home, so shopping and hiking.
Co-sleeping leads to more night nursing and that, for many, leads to a longer time before cycles return. But if your cycles are truly back and you are ovulating on a regular basis, then you are fertile and all it takes is the chances to sneak away with DH close to ovulation. My cycles returned after 14m, 13m, and after this third it seems on the way back soon after 14m. Conceived the 2nd child our first time we stopped avoiding, #1 was 2 yrs and still nursing at night.
You need to write a letter stating your religious objection and give that instead of shot records. You need papers from the doctor and dentist and eye doctor that they've been seen this year for checkups too.
Chewable DGL Licorice worked wonders for me to treat heartburn symptoms when I had that due to pregnancy, and when my husband got ulcers (from stress+junk food+alcohol one weekend). Some people actually get relief taking a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, as the stomach needs acid to digest food or else it overproduces and creeps up the esophagus. Taking some aloe vera could help too. Food intolerances are the most likely cause. I would try an elimination diet, cut gluten...
My husband caught our first (I was semi-sitting in the hospital bed that time), husband plus the mw caught the second at home, and midwife caught the 3rd, 2 and 3 I was on hands and knees and with #3 he barely made it into the room to see, it was quick.
In my state proof of vax or a valid exemption is required even to homeschool.
Who is telling moms that? I was always told 12-15 hours average first baby and it varies widely. In the mainstream I always heard it hurts like heck and you'll love the drugs, in classes I heard here are some ways to manage and work with the intensity or pain, and painless is possible if you relax enough but it's rare. Knowing what to expect plus where there is a lot of room for variation would help...but I still think a lot of it is standard interventions inhibiting labor...
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