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More gentle than saying mutilated, but more controversial than saying the standard term circumcised. I suppose cosmetic surgeries of any sort can affect more than just the looks of parts involved.
It got unusually cold last week and I brought my birds into the basement a couple days. For teens and warmer (F) I don't worry too much but below like the -10F we had that I'd like heat for them.   As for plants, I love blueberries and asparagus. I don't like growing annual fruiting veggies, it's too hit or miss for me. Except green beans, they are pretty easy.
It's less clean that the normally edible kind but it's regular salt NaCl. That link talks about the kind in a box for ice cream freezing. That is what I would buy.
What did they do before? Helped with chores, played outside, played with toys, crafted their own toys.
You can turn it on peaceful mode with no monsters spawning, my 4 year old prefers this because he panics when they attack him. Pocket edition is simpler and easier than computer, less to remember and do in order to craft things. It's a very addictive game, very creative and open ended though, it's much like legos on a screen.
Maybe try a GAPS approach to solids intro, in case it's a food intolerance/gut problem? Stop everything you're feeding now and start from the beginning if she's having tummy issues. Do freshly homemade as much as you can, the foods lose less nutrients, there's no additives, and it eases the transition to "real food". They say slowly over 10 weeks to go in this order, adding something new every few days and continuing the earlier stuff: homemade broth, veggie juice, well...
Honestly I don't believe a half a drink every few days would hurt, and mj in early pregnancy might have a place if it's to cure BAD morning sickness. But neither is that healthy a way to relieve stress and I doubt if she's using them that way she'd limit it to safe amounts. Hypnobabies relaxation program would be good, perhaps a therapist, and lots of "me" time in general, whenever she can squeeze it in.
I would switch snacks to something he likes but isn't so obsessed with. Something with some more fat and protein in it maybe, that satisfies for longer. Save leftovers from dinner to reheat if he's still hungry. If you still want to allow the crackers, only keep a little in the house then when they're gone they're gone.
I had this with 2 births. The first was like yours, and I panted and had a rough time for hours holding back before it was out of the way, because going with the urge to push that baby's head pushing on things gave just made it worse. And it's more oh my body is pushing, than I feel like I want to push. The second, I had my MW hold the lip out of the way to get somewhat past, had her apply arnica oil on the swelling lip and tissues, laid down flat and panted for 10...
Have you given her an alternative she needs to use when she feels that way? Like walk away for a while, go do some hobby or read or exercise perhaps? If she has a go-to escape she can use when she's overwhelmed before she acts out it may help. Also she needs alternative words especially since the toddler is picking them up she may see the need "please hush" and "you don't understand" and maybe "you're driving me crazy" will get the same points across more kindly. Then when...
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