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Hello!  I'm Jody, 31 and homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos, 8 yr old twins, a 6 year old and a 20 month old.  Due March 6th.  I am also a failure in the natural family planning dept. :)  We had talked about another addition but hadn't fully committed.  Now we are!  Still trying to wrap my head around the logistics of 5 kids although I know it will all work itself out.  Plus we LOVE babies.  We will all be head over heels for this new person.  Who cares if anything other...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lillian J A celebratory cookie or cake bake together is nice, a trip to a park or beach or zoo or other special place - a genuinely felt big deal made out of any of that can make a big impression. A fun little science experiment can go a long way, a nice little exploratory nature walk (19 Can-do Nature Walk Variations), some game playing... It won't be long before fall crafts and related cooking will be in order too - lots of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenwith4 On not back to school day (usually the da after Labour day for us) the kids come downstairs to find a gift on the table - something educational related to one of their interests, like a book, game, dvd, science kit etc. - and new art journals and groovy pencils or pens. Then we head out for a pancake breakfast at a favourite 50s diner. After breakfast we head to a favourite museum for the day and then come home...
Quote: Originally Posted by heatherdeg : He's very sensitive to it this year. I'm having a hard time watching him reconcile it. I know it's absolutely the best thing for him. Thank goodness that's been a really clear thing or I'd really be in a lot of trouble. I HEAR you! Its not that bad yet but I find myself being very sensitive to it as well...thats why I want to make our "school" seem just as big a deal.
I'm just looking for a special way to start our first homeschool year. My twins are only 4 and we're just doing a relaxed "preschool" but I know they'll be envious of the neighbors getting on the big yellow school bus to mark their big day. Just wondering if any of you do anything special? Thanks!
Thanks so much!
I'm looking for a birthday blessing for my sweet 2 year old daughter at the family party we're giving. Any ideas? Thanks!
Wow...thanks so much for the wooden egg tip...I looked at Caseys and they are very reasonable. I think it would be great to hunt for them and paint afterwards!!! We'll probably do some real eggs too since we have chickens...although they're brown so they may be interesting to color!
I would really love to do an Easter Egg hunt. As kids we did one in the house and outside. We LOVED it. I would obviously rather not use the plastic eggs but also don't think we'll be able to felt as many eggs as we're going to need. (I have 3 kids) Do you guys have any interesting alternatives? I guess they wouldn't need to look for "eggs", maybe something else? Thanks so much!
I'm so glad you posted...this situation sounds like mine in so many ways. I have 3 kids 3 and under and its soooo hard most days. I don't have anything to offer...I'm trying to figure out how to do things better myself.
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