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I turned 41 in February.  I'm definitely exhausted but mostly I can't wait for the morning sickness to stop!  I'm glad there is a 35 and over group!
Hello All!  I'm Jill (41) and due on November 14th.  I'm hoping I can stay here this whole time.  We've had many, many miscarriages.  I have three sons (11, 9, 8).  We will be team green.  Thanks much!
Hello Everyone! I'm still here! I'm laying low these next few weeks (usually my miscarriages are between 11-14 weeks) so I'm still trying to stay in a place of equilibrium- if you know what I mean. After 8 miscarriages it's so hard to get attached but once all the testing is done and I can walk away from week 14 still being pregnant you'll hear lots from me. Thanks so much for keeping this thread active and updating it each month! My due date is February 23. A day...
I second the Magnesium.  I like the Calm brand and it really helps.  I take it before bed and it's not uncomfortable at all.
I like Gap maternity.
I'm thinking of you so much!  It's such a difficult thing.  Also, remember that hormones are quickly changing for you right now so it makes everything so tender and hopefully in a week or so it'll feel a little less like your emotions are so rapidly changing.  I spent time at the Mothering loss board for many of my miscarriages and a lot of the women's thoughts and ideas were helpful.  Go easy on yourself and just let whatever you feel be OK because it is all apart of...
Ah.... I'm so sorry! I'm wrapping you up in huge hugs and praying for you!  Be gentle with yourself and rest in a place that healing will happen.  Much Love!  
Margo -  I'm sending up prayers for you.  I know that approaching the time when other miscarriages happen is so hard and so scary because it just brings up memories.  I'lll be thinking of you and hoping for many, many days of us being pregnant together.  Rest and stay in a place of hope.....  Sending you love!
Hello Everyone!  I haven't introduced myself yet on the main thread but I thought I'd start here since it seems like a safe place where you all understand loss.  My name is Jill and I'm due on February 23rd (one day before my own birthday.)  I'll probably stick to just posting here up until 16 weeks or so.  I have three sons who are 11, 9 and 7.  We've been trying for the past five years for #4.  Since then I've suffered from 8 miscarriages and as far as I know 3...
Thank you so much for all your thoughtful responses.  I definitely will look into the programs that you guys referenced. It's so nice to have others who know different curriculums respond!     Also, thanks for the reminder to take it slow.  I think I'm a bit anxious as I have family and friends that doubt our choice and so I jumped into the world of "stressed out homeschooling mama" pretty quickly once I started hearing of their dissatisfaction.   Thanks again!
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