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Quote: Originally Posted by Carlito's_wife Oh my gosh I am so sorry if I offend anyone with my straight forwardness but screw that!!!!!! If my DH didn't want me to tell my fam then he would just have to suck it up and be mad at me. I can see why he wouldn't want his family to know and that should of course be left up to him, but to say you can't tell your own family pretty much because he doesn't want to tell his yet is just rediculous. I am so close to...
I'm having my first U/S next Friday at 12 weeks. We did it with DD three years ago as well.
I waited for longer than I would have wished to get pregnant with #2 because I was certain teh fatz was killing me. Now that I've been reading up on HAES I actually feel healthier than ever AND I'm pregnant : Any other plus sized mamas out there? And how are you coping with pregnancy?
Urgh, my most annoying symptom is all the mucus coming out of my sinuses all of a sudden. Most mornings I am sick it's because I have a belly full of snot. Last pregnancy I just got a lot of boogers, this time it's full blown post-nasal drip. BLEURGH!
I've heard similar experiences from others, but have never had that particular brand of thoughts myself. I think my not-PPD-but-something-else has been tied in with SAD. My daughter was born in late summer, so as the months passed and it became winter I just seemed to get in a funk, that I couldn't get out of again when summer came around, because of sleep deprivation and all that comes with having a baby. It sucks! I'm sitting around worrying about not being good...
I don't know if it's inappropriate to post this, but I really want the word out there. Forgive me if it's been brought up before! League of Maternal Justice It might be too late to contribute with your own pictures, but you can get the word out there if you have a blog/facebook profile/whatever. Rock on breastfeeding mama's and breastfeeding supporters!!
We just reached the same stage. It's SO frustrating since I can't do ANYTHING and need to be able to whip out the breast at a seconds notice, lest SHE gets frustrated. Nap and sleep time is a complete pain - I sure hope this doesn't last for too long :
Quote: Originally Posted by mandolyn She hits the dog every day, despite my constant reminders "gentle touches" and she has just started biting. Quote: Originally Posted by mandolyn Maybe she's bored? Or overtired? Witnessed too many arguments between DH and I and she has tension built up inside? Having a short fuse seems to run in my family, so could it even be partly genetic? Or is this just normal run-of-the-mill toddler...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustJamie : People who have to drink alcohol to have fun at a party have a problem. Or maybe it's just a really boring party? Anyway, in regards to "proper" etiquette - well, there were many things that used to be proper etiquette, and which aren't anymore. Instead of "proper" invites why not start stating specifically whether or not children are permitted? Make it the NEW proper and avoid confusion! :...
My daughter is a real CHUB, and I can't tell you how sad it makes me that I can't carry her as much as I want to. Not even my DP can, and that is saying something. Children come in different sizes, shapes and colors - and yours is absolutely adorable, just the way she is.
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