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Not after a local expose on several people who beg daily downtown. One guy made nearly as much as I did at the time. My next door neighbor runs a small food pantry. I donate there and have volunteered my time there. These are people with sincere needs. My uncle's philosophy was that if they ask they must need it more than he. He always kept a separate pocket to hand out. I used to think that way and carry cash for that purpose, but not anymore. 
Does anyone here have to pay tuition through Tuition Management Systems? What is you experience?   Our experience with this company is terrible. They just screamed at us because they claim our payment was late. It was mailed in plenty of time to get there by the due date. The check was cashed as of Tuesday and our payment is due on the 20th of the month. They insist that we need to account for the time it takes them to process the payment and that payments should...
A friend posted recently on Facebook about her 8 month old daughter and how she has been waking up in the middle of the night upset.  She was frustrated by this and was seeking advice from friends.  I send her a private message that was very supportive, being sure to acknowledge how challenging nightwakings can be.  Well, when I read the posts of some of her other friends, I was taken aback by one of them.   This post really bothered me, "the best advice anyone...
I have a Bosch front loader.  It's the third washer we have had in the 11 years in this house.  Avoid Maytag like the plague. They used to be good, but the last two repairmen we had prior to replacing the unfixable washer both said that they have had nothing but problems with them.  Seems all the stuff that used to be metal components is now plastic or nylon.   I love my Bosch.  We didn't get the really top of the line one.  I can fit my whole comforter in.  I think...
Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock....need I say more (It's the shirt ds is currently wearing)   
This is what Torah.org, http://www.torah.org/qanda/seequanda.php?id=300,  has to say on the topic:     " A person named Yeshu ha-Notzri (Jesus the Nazarene?) is mentioned several times in the Talmud, but the content of these references is not consistent with the story of Jesus as told in the New Testament. In Sanhedrin 43b there is a reference to a Yeshu who was hung (crucified?) on the day before Passover, and who was a member of the royal family; but the Talmud...
I got him a game he wanted, a server, and a shirt.  It doesn't sound like much, but the game was $60 and the server was $300.  That's enough to spend on him.  He wanted the game, the shirt is something he will totally get a kick out of and the server is something that he wants because we had a fatal loss of significant data recently.
I save the ones I really like, for instance the one we got from friends who went to Paris for Christmas, and I put them out as decorations the next year.  
How did Totoro go?  
Have you thought about Depression?  I would seek a counselor who specializes in working with Teens.  Maybe there is something else going on.
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