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I read the research, but chose to start solids with the twins at 4.5 months (or was it 5 months?).  We didn't start with cereal.  I started with avocado, sweet potato, etc.   No allergies on our end.  The twins are now 14 months, and continue to eat well.
Mama's,   I need help.  My twins are 13.5 months, and for the past 3 weeks, their latch has changed.  It happened almost over night.  But now, I'm dealing with one bleeding nipple, with what looks to be a very small "hole", very painful latching and nursing.  And, I'm sooooooo not enjoying breastfeeding anymore.   I nursed DD1 for 32 months, and had really hoped to do the same with the twins.   I have just returned to work, so I get a reprieve from nursing...
When my twins were 3 months old (they're now 13 months, and sometimes it is still a struggle with nap time), I nursed one baby first, and put DS in the swing, and turned on the tv.  I didn't "swing" the swing, he liked to sit there.  Then, I would nurse DD and put her in the bouncy chair, put on the seatbelt, turn up the tv to a reasonable volume, and walk away.  In 5 minutes, both were usually sleeping.    When they got a bit older, it became more tricky because DD...
The twins were my 3rd pregnancy.    I was 5 cm dilated at 37 weeks, and I guess it was time - they wanted to come out :)
Thanks for your replies!  There seems to be a common theme - night weaning.  I don't think I'm ready to do that yet...so, I might have another year of non-sleep   Alternatively, I could drink a gallon of coffee, then pump it out when I'm at work (hahahahaha)   Thanks Mamas!! 
Ok Mamas...I need to know.  When did your babies start sleeping through the night?  DD1 was able to STTN when she was close to 3 years old.  No sleep training, and we were unsuccessful with Elizabeth Pantley's method.  She just matured sleep-wise.   At 5 years old, she still wakes up but now walks over to the master bedroom to sleep with DH (I'm still sleeping in the nursery with the twins - double bed, one crib...we usually end up in the bed together).   The...
I had gestational diabetes, and for a while, I wasn't gaining any weight.  The endocrinologist kept freaking me out because she said that I was jeopardizing my babies by not gaining weight.  My OB wasn't too concerned.  I had weekly ultrasounds, and he said that as long as the babies were growing well, he really didn't care that I wasn't gaining any weight.  My babies were born at 37 weeks, and each weighed 6lbs, 1oz
I weaned DD1 at 32 months.  It took about a week, no crying.  I put a bandaid on my nipples and told her that I had an ouchie, and couldn't nurse her.  At first she was upset, but with a back rub, she went right back to sleep.    ...and 4 months later, she started sleeping through the night :)
  Re:  the part about one is bigger. My DH told me to say this next time (and I am soooo ready to use it).  "Yes, they are twins, and yes, he is bigger.  Actually by 3 months.  That's how they do it now.  When one baby is ready, they take one out, and sew you up until the other is ready."
Update - Well, the twins are 11 months now, and I am still at my breaking point.  Sigh.   We moved DD1's double bed into the babies room.  The first night was great - we "slept" through the night (with many night wakings, but I was always able to nurse them back to sleep).  But, lately, my DD2 will wake up and stay up.  For hours.  And, to make matters worse, she won't let me rock her in the rocking chair, sit her on my lap in the chair.  I have to walk her.  And,...
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